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Augmented Reality Based Training System

An augmented reality based training system comprises a targeting unit embedded with at least one optical marker; emulating headset comprising a set of sensors to sense one or more attributes of the at least one optical marker. A processing unit to determine position of the targeting unit with respect to the emulating headset by selecting a first set of attributes from
the sensed one or more attributes, wherein the first set of attributes is associated with position parameters of the targeting unit. Determine orientation of the targeting unit with respect to horizontal plane and vertical plane by selecting a second set of attributes from the sensed one or more attributes, wherein the second set of attributes is associated with orientation parameters of the targeting unit, responsive to triggering of the targeting unit at the determined position and orientation of the targeting unit, determine position of the target that gets hit.


Amanpreet Kaur, Archana Mantri, Narinder Pal Singh

Patent File Number - 202011007492        Patent File Date - 21/02/2020        Publication Date - 06-03-2020

Device for Locating Vehicle And Method Thereof

According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a vehicle locating device. The device includes a relay configured with ignition system of the vehicle; a transceiver to receive a communication signal from a computing device associated with a user; a control unit operatively coupled with the transceiver and the relay to: extract a set of features from the received
communication signal, wherein a first set of features is selected from the extracted set of features pertaining to a unique identifier associated with the user; and authenticate the user by matching the unique identifier with a dataset comprising a set of prestored identifiers, wherein based on positive authentication of the user, the control unit is configured to generate an output signal, and wherein on receipt of the output signal the relay configured to turn ON the ignition system of the vehicle if the ignition system is turned OFF, and wherein transmit the output signal to the computing device indicating position of the turned ON vehicle.


Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Arpit Jain, Abhay Saxena, Meenu Khurana, Sanjay Sharma, Arun Pratap Singh

Patent File Number - 201911049725        Patent File Date - 03/12/2019        Publication Date - 20-12-2019

Towards Increasing The Vehicle Diesel Engine Efficiency Upto 15 %

All manufacturers of diesel vehicles (4-wheelers or higher) claim that the engine of their vehicle would work at better efficiency if the owners follow the recommendations given in their instruction manuals. There remains different mileage figure for the same capacity of vehicle engine designed by different manufacturers. They would also not part with their
know-how in order to prevent others from working on it. An alternative which can be thought of as a means to increase the engine efficiency is to preheat the fuel before it goes to engine. Though this contributes to the purpose, but needs inputs of extra energy. As this does not increase efficiency to an appreciable extent, this is not a viable proposition. However, as per this present invention, it has been found that a lot of scope still exists for further improving the engine efficiency. Herein new designs have been worked out in order to further increase vehicle diesel engine efficiency. There have been considered two modes of increasing the efficiency of vehicle diesel engines- viz. (i) by internal recovery/conserving of heat by redesign of silencer in order to utilise it back in the engine and (ii) by designing the optimum advance of fuel injection; these two together leading to 11-15 % increase in engine efficiency.


Atam Tej Arora

Patent File Number - 202011001776        Patent File Date - 15/01/2020        Publication Date - 06-03-2020

Device for Segregating Objects In Limited Illumination

According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a device for segregating objects in limited illumination. A device for segregating objects in limited illumination comprises an imaging device to capture one or more images of one or more objects in the limited illumination environment. An image processing unit operatively coupled to the imaging device, the
processing unit comprising a processor coupled to a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to extract one or more features of the captured one or more images, wherein the one or more features pertains to visual features of the captured one or more images, identify the one or more objects from the captured one or more images by detection of edges of the one or more objects based on the extracted one or more features and responsive to the identified one or more objects, determine extent of diffusion for each of the identified one or more objects to enable segregation of the identified one or more objects based on the determined extent of diffusion to enable recognition of the object in the limited illumination environment.


Muthukumaran Malarvel, Soumya Ranjan Nayak

Patent File Number - 201911041599        Patent File Date - 14/10/2019        Publication Date - 25-10-2019

Device for Surface Roughness Measurement of An Object

The present disclosure relates to a device for surface roughness measurement of an object, said device includes a camera for capturing one or more images of the object, and a control unit operatively coupled with the camera. The control unit comprises a processor coupled to a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to receive the captured one or more images from the camera and define a Region of Interest (ROI) for each the captured one or more images, wherein the ROI is defined based on geometrical section of each of the captured one or more images, determine surface roughness in the ROI by analysing gradient value of edges for each of the captured one or more images, wherein the surface roughness is analysed based on averaging of ROI over a span of the captured one or more images.


Soumya Ranjan Nayak, Muthukumaran Malarvel

Patent File Number - 201911043717        Patent File Date - 28/10/2019        Publication Date - 29-11-2019

System for Controlling Traffic At An Intersection

According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a system for controlling traffic at an intersection. The system includes one or more traffic controlling apparatuses having one or more control lights, the one or more traffic controlling apparatuses configured at the intersection having two or more intersecting lanes, at least one camera configured at the intersection to capture one or more images of at least a part of the two or more intersecting lanes. A processing
unit operatively coupled with the at least one camera and the one or more traffic controlling apparatuses, the processing unit configured to extract one or more features from the captured one or more images, wherein the one or more features pertains to traffic on each of the two or more intersecting lanes. Determine density of traffic on each of the two or more intersecting lanes by determining number of objects of traffic on each of the two or more intersecting lanes based on
the extracted one or more features; and generate control signal for each of the one or more traffic controlling apparatuses for controlling time period of operation of the one or more control lights of each of the one or more traffic controlling apparatuses.


Gaurav Goyal, Vinay Kukreja

Patent File Number - 201911045568        Patent File Date - 08/11/2019        Publication Date - 22-11-2019

Adaptive Channel Parameters of A Photonic Network

The present disclosure relates to improving spectral efficiency of a channel in a photonic network. A receiver continuously monitors the channel to determine a signal to noise ratio (SNR) information. Based on the received SNR information a transmitter in real time adjusts a combination of one or more parameters such as cyclic prefix length, a number of subcarriers and a modulation order of the channel. The disclosure facilitates effective utilization of the network bandwidth thereby improving spectral efficiency of the network.


Harsimranjit Kaur

Patent File Number - 201811026551        Patent File Date - 16/07/2018        Publication Date - 17-01-2020

A Load Lifting Exercise Apparatus

The present disclosure provides a load lifting exercise apparatus. The apparatus include a handle for holding during load lifting exercise. An input shaft having one or more first pulleys coupled to the handle for rotating the input shaft as the handle is lowered or raised. An intermediate shaft having a first set of gears configured for selective engagement with the input shaft. An output shaft having a second set of gears configured for selective engagement with the intermediate shaft, and one or more second pulleys coupled to one or more loads to be lifted. The first set of gears and the second set of gears are configured for engagement with the input shaft and the intermediate shaft respectively in a plurality of configurations, each configuration providing a different gear ratio between the intermediate shaft and the output shaft, and wherein effort required to raise or lower the handle is changed by changing the engagement configuration of the second set of gears with the intermediate shaft.


Jasdev Bhatti, Bhavneet Singh Gujral, Amitoj Singh Sethi, Gaurav Walia, Guneet Singh Chawla

Patent File Number - 201811029019        Patent File Date - 02/08/2018        Publication Date - 07-02-2020

Nontoxic Antimicrobial Floor Cleaner Composition

The present disclosure relates to a non toxic and antimicrobial floor cleaning composition. Particularly the present disclosure provides an antimicrobial floor cleaning composition comprising an alcohol; surfactants; essential oils; and a neem oil at corresponding ratio of 2:3:1.25:0.25; and water, wherein the surfactants include surfactant 1 and surfactant 2 at a ratio of 1:1, and essential oils include the mixture of pine oil and at least one more additional essential oil at a ratio of 4:1.


Mansi Chitkara, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Inderbir Singh, Deepak Kumar, I S Sandhu, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 201811031508        Patent File Date - 22/08/2018        Publication Date - 28-02-2020

An Apparatus for Analyzing Quality of Seed

An apparatus for analyzing quality of seed sample is disclosed. According to an embodiment the apparatus for analyzing quality of seed sample can include a hopper configured to receive seed sample, a source configured to direct one or more incident radiations towards the received seed sample and a set of sensors configured to detect the one or more incident radiations after the one or more incident radiations has interacted with the seed sample. An analyzer is configured to determine one or more parameters associated with quality of the seed sample based on the one or more detected radiations. The apparatus is portable.


Shveta Mahajan, Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 201811035550        Patent File Date - 20/09/2018        Publication Date - 27-03-2020

Device for Reducing Moisture From Food Grains

A device for reducing moisture from food grains is disclosed. According to an embodiment, the device can include: a hopper coupled with a housing configured to receive the food grains from inlet of the hopper and hold the food grains, wherein the hopper further configured to allow flow of the stored food grains through an outlet; a set of sensors, configured to measure moisture content in the food grains; a bed configured inside the housing to receive the food grains from the outlet of the hopper, wherein the bed is at a inclined downwards to allow conveying of the food grains from the outlet of the hopper to an outlet of the housing; and a heater configured with the bed to provide heating of the food grains placed on the bed; a control unit configured to control temperature of the heater based on the sensed moisture content


K Z Molla, Gurasees Singh

Patent File Number - 201811041912        Patent File Date - 05/11/2018        Publication Date - 08-05-2020

Drilling Appratus

The present disclosure provides a drilling apparatus that can be used for providing machining operation at various angles on a workpiece. According to an aspect, the apparatus can include a bed adapted for holding one or more work pieces for machining operation; and a base adapted for supporting the bed, wherein the bed is slidably supported on the base such that the bed is free to move at predefined angular positions with respect to the base to facilitate machining operation of the work piece at various positions.


Kanv Behal, Nitesh Parmar, Abhinav Kaushal, Abhishek Mahajan, Aashish Bhardwaj

Patent File Number - 201811046074        Patent File Date - 06/12/2018        Publication Date - 12-06-2020

Footwear With Automatic Adjustable Heel Height

The invention discloses a footwear with automatic adjustable heel height wherein the heel is configured to adjust its height from ground as per requirement of the user by using a mobile application. A mini screw-jack arrangement connected with a motor unit is placed within a defined heel area. The motor obtains a signal from a controller placed at suitable place nearby heel area. An additional communication module connects the controller with mobile application. Whenever user wants to adjust the heel height, user presses button from mobile application which signals the controller via communication module to start the motor unit. The connected motor unit accordingly rotates the mini screw-jack arrangement to either shift up or down the heel height from ground. The outer periphery of heel area is surrounded by an adjustable material.


Surya Narayan Panda, Bharti Sood, Naveen Kumar, Chanpreet Singh, Benu Bansal, Sachin Ahuja, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

Patent File Number - 201811019765        Patent File Date - 26/05/2018        Publication Date - 29-11-2019

A Machine To Process Crop Residues In Real Time

In an aspect, the present disclosure relates to a device for handling crop residue, wherein the device includes an electric vehicle operatively coupled with a sucker to suck the crop residue from ground; a microwave operatively coupled with the electric vehicle so as to receive and dry the sucked crop residue from the sucker, said sucked crop residue being dried based on moisture content in the sucked crop residue; and a combustion chamber operatively coupled with the microwave and configured to receive and combust the dried crop residue in a controlled environment so as to yield Carbon-black.


Nitin Saluja, Varinder Singh, Vilas Chikkara

Patent File Number - 201821020150        Patent File Date - 29/05/2018        Publication Date - 10-08-2018

Novel Antiepileptic Compound

The present invention discloses a novel anti-epileptic compound which is very effective in treating refractory epilepsy. Though pathophysiology of epilepsy is well understood and a number of drugs are available in the market but still the existing antiepileptic drugs are not effective, cannot cure refractory epilepsy, have side effects, are not economical and have failed to cure the epilepsy completely. The inventors have addressed the above problems in a very innovative manner by providing a compound Diethyl dithiocarbamic acid sodium salt trihydrate (DDA) and its effective dose (75-150 mg/kg) which can cure refractory epilepsy. The said compound acts at molecular level and leads to cure refractory epilepsy by inhibiting transcriptional factor kappa- B (NF-?B). The NF-?B regulates the induction of genes involved in seizures and epilepsy (status epilepticus condition). The said compound can be given to the patients in any dosage form such as tablets, syrups, sustained release capsules etc.


Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Shareen Singh, Ashish Kumar Rehni, Sonia Dhiman

Patent File Number - 201811020489        Patent File Date - 31/05/2018        Publication Date - 06-12-2019

Apparatus for Non-Invasive Delivery of Compound

Present invention discloses a complete system of insulin delivery in body. The system comprises a unique real time and non-invasive diagnosis method which includes non-invasive radio frequency (RF operating in ISM frequency band at GHz frequencies) based real-time glucose level monitoring with the help of a device is in the form of clip on to the soft skin of pollex area (pollex is between thumb and index finger). An Electronic Interface for detection of wave scattering parameters (s11) and transmits it through wireless module to the electroporator device and a non-invasive insulin delivery system comprising a wearable watch (big dial size) electroporator device for insulin delivery further comprises an Electroporator, Electronic Processor and Insulin reservoir directing insulin though arms. System also includes touch screen (input and display).


Nitin Saluja, Debrishi Ghosh, Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Varinder Singh, Rajesh Khanna

Patent File Number - 201711039928        Patent File Date - 09/11/2017        Publication Date - 07-06-2019

Device To Detect Authenticity of A Cheque

Present invention discloses an intelligent system to ensure the integrity of cheque validations. The invention includes a machine along with a method in the form of a mathematical solution to insist the authentication and integrity of data which uses Polynomial Interpolations with RFID tag readings. This method protects the cheque books and restricts the unauthorized cheque transactions.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

Patent File Number - 201711040525        Patent File Date - 14/11/2017        Publication Date - 07-06-2019

Improved Process for Manufacture of Extended Release Dosage forms

The present invention discloses an improved single step process without use of any cross-linker for the manufacture of sustained release dosage forms by simple direct compression method using optimized concentration of thiolated Chitosan- thioglycolic acid (TGA) conjugate alongwith other ingredients. The optimized concentrations of the various ingredients are active drug (25% w/w), thiolated Chitosan- thioglycolic acid (TGA) conjugate (20%w/w), Mannitol (10%w/w), Magnesium stearate (1%w/w), Talc (0.5%w/w) and Lactose (43.5%w/w). The process results in easy manufacture of gastro-retentive controlled release dosage forms which adhere to the mucus layer and release active drug in a controlled manner. This is because the dosage forms do not pass into the intestine until all drug is released. The formulation shows a drug release of around 99% over a period of 24 hours and mucoadhesive strength of 29.49 gm over a period of 6 hours.


Sonia Dhiman, Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 201711040531        Patent File Date - 14/11/2017        Publication Date - 17-05-2019

Novel Therapeutic Agent for Prevention And Treatment of Parkinson’S Disease

The present invention discloses a novel therapeutic agent for prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The novel agent is a known compound ‘Pyrroloquinoline Quinone’ or PQQ, whose potential use specifically for the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease has not been described earlier. Main use has been as a ‘research compound’ or dietary supplement with beneficial health effects. The present invention provides supporting scientific evidence relating to its efficacy in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease without any side-effects. The invention also provides appropriate therapeutic dosage for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and route of administration of the agent. 10mg/kg dose of PQQ i.p. (Intraperitoneal) in mice showed significant and dose dependent amelioration of oxidative stress by decreasing Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) and myeloperoxidase levels and increasing the levels of reduced glutathione and catalase compared to control group. The dose can easily be extrapolated to effective therapeutic dose in humans.


Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Sonia Dhiman, Avneesh Singh, Paramdeep Singh, Mayank Sippy

Patent File Number - 201711040638        Patent File Date - 14/11/2017        Publication Date - 07-06-2019

System for Auto-Filling of Liquid In A Container

The present invention discloses a dispensing mechanism mounted on the door and interiorly placed dispensing apparatus which automatically fills the water bottle placed in rack shelf ()of the door of refrigerator, when the level of water falls below predetermined level thereby avoiding user requirement to access to dispensing compartment for filling. The procedure of working includes mechanism comprised of nozzle of the tube which enters into the cap (check valve) of bottle with the help of rack and pinion mechanism, flow passage is opened by downward pressure of nozzle and water starts flowing in the bottle till the level of water matches with the predetermined level.


Vikas Jindal, Vedant Kumar Bhatt, Bhanu Sharma

Patent File Number - 201711041229        Patent File Date - 17/11/2017        Publication Date - 07-06-2019

A Load Lifting Apparatus

The present disclosure provides a load lifting apparatus. The disclosed apparatus can comprise: a gripper for holding an object to be lifted; a set of sensors coupled with the gripper to sense weight of the object; a control unit operatively coupled with the set of sensors, the control unit is adapted to compare the sensed weight of the object with a predefined weight, wherein based on the comparison if the sensed weight of the object is less than or equal to the pre-defined weight, the control unit generates a first signal, a rotary device operatively coupled with said control unit, said rotary device gets actuated based on said generated first signal, wherein actuation of the rotary device enables movement of said gripper between a first position and a second position to facilitate lifting of the object between the first position and the second position.


Deepanshu Bhardwaj, Virender Kadyan, Simranpreet Singh Thukral, Atimuqt Dogra

Patent File Number - 201711045103        Patent File Date - 15/12/2017        Publication Date - 26-07-2019

Water Filtration Apparatus

The present disclosure provides a water filtration apparatus. The disclosed apparatus can include: a filter housing configured with an inlet to receive water; a plurality of candles configured to filter said received water, wherein said plurality of candles absorb the received water such that contaminants in the received water are adsorbed by the plurality candles; a storage tank coupled with the filtration housing, wherein the storage tank is adapted to receive and store said filtered water; and a dispensing unit coupled with the storage tank, wherein said disinfectant unit adapted to destroy micro-organisms in said filtered water, wherein said water after treatment with the disinfectant unit is potable. The disclosed apparatus can be portable.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Himanshu Sharma, Arun Upmanyu, Pooja Mahajan

Patent File Number - 201711045864        Patent File Date - 20/12/2017        Publication Date - 26-07-2019

Anti-Suicide Fan And Method of Use Thereof

The invention discloses an anti-suicidal fan arrangement which is also equipped with the notification facility. The ceiling fan is attached to the upper rod and a lower rod is further attached with it.The wholearrangement is attached with the roof and there is a spring-lock to attach the lower rod with upper rod and fan. The spring-lock mechanismis assembled in the upper rod which consists of spring, lock head and a trigger . The whole assembly of fan works according to the load applied on the lower rod. If excessive load is applied, the lockmoves inside and lower rod gets detached from the upper rod and simultaneously an alarmrings. Hence, person is not be able to commit suicide.


Kashish Mathreja, Harvinder Singh Shera, Rupesh Gupta

Patent File Number - 201711047423        Patent File Date - 30/12/2017        Publication Date - 02-08-2019

Electronic Control System for Energy Saving In Elevator

The invention discloses an electronic control system for energy saving in elevator. The system comprises of a thermal sensor, relay unit, logic gate unit anda control unit so connected in a logical way to detect the presence of occupant. The individual component of whole system is placed at appropriate position. Thermal sensor detectsand reverts to the control unit about the occupancy of passenger within elevator. Combining the presence of the occupant by thermal sensor with other various possibilities of presence of the passenger reverted by other sensors is used as a logical combinations. Upon detection of the absence of passenger as per the logical output, the control unit signals the relay unit which therefore signals the logic gate unit to turn-off the unnecessary fan and electricity.


Gaurav Kumar , Sheifali Gupta

Patent File Number - 201811003817        Patent File Date - 01/02/2018        Publication Date - 23-08-2019

An Apparatus for Checking Purity of Petrol

The invention discloses a petrol adulteration checking apparatus, which will indicate the adulteration by blinking the appropriate LED and displaying the octane number on the screen of ECU. An external container i.e. thermally isolated from the external environment is connected to ECU with an electrical wire arrangement for feeding the temperature readings to ECU form the container which is having the sample of petrol to be examined. The temperature is measured with the help of probe immersed in the sample container, which is further connected to ECU with electrical wire. The ECU unit is pre-fed within its console about various adulteration levels that may be present in the petrol and its calibration with the resulting temperature. After comparison between pre-existing temperature readings and temperature reading from sample, the final result is indicated by the ECU in terms of LED indication and octane number displayed on LCD.


Manmohan Singh, Mehul Singla, Eshita Sharma

Patent File Number - 201811007414        Patent File Date - 27/02/2018        Publication Date - 06-09-2019

An Improved Quantum Dot Cellular Cell Based Gate Design

The invention discloses QCA based Five –input majority gate with reduced number of QCA cells and high performance coplanar RAM cell design using Five-input majority gate with least feature size, thereby reducing the total area occupation and power dissipation. Beside that present design has the SET/RESET capability and has the advancement that problem of unreachability of output cell and input cells in a single layer structure have been solved. The present QCA based Five- input majority gate structure can be used for both single layer and multi-layer design. The designed Five- input majority gate having only 17 QCA cells can be used for making some other electronic circuit other than RAM cell. For Example multiplexer, demultiplexers, flip flops and latches etc.


Amanpreet Sandhu, Sheifali Gupta

Patent File Number - 201811013907        Patent File Date - 11/04/2018        Publication Date - 18-10-2019

Electronic Assistive Mat foracupressure of Hand And Method ofuse Thereof

The invention discloses an electronic assistive mat for acupressure of hand and its method of use. The mat comprises a plurality of actuators as well as LED pattern distributed therein and a controller configured to control the actuators within the area of active LED pattern. User places his/her hand over mat and presses the actuators which therefore activates LED pattern as per the shape of hand which provide a visual information to the user for placing hand as well as an instruction to the controller to control the actuators of the actuation area within the active area of LED pattern. For use, the mat is to be connected with computer with associated software which enables user to choose various acupressure points within hand and initiate the acupressure process.


Pinkashia Sharma, Jaiteg Singh, Sachin Ahuja, Jasmeet Kaur, Surya Narayan Panda

Patent File Number - 201811016284        Patent File Date - 30/04/2018        Publication Date - 01-11-2019

Herbal Hand-Wash Composition And Method of Preparation Thereof

The present invention discloses an herbal hand-wash composition and method of preparation thereof. The composition consists of a synergistic mixture of Eucalyptus oil (0.1-0.25 %,, optimally 0.25 %), Pine oil- (0.1-0.25 %, optimally 0.25 %), Cardamom oil- (0.1-0.25 %, optimally 0.25 %), sodium laryal ether sulphate (10-20 %, optimally, 20 %), Coco Diethanolamide (1-2 %, optimally, 2 %) and Coco amido propyl betaine (4-5 %, optimally 5 %), Tween 80 (3-4 %, optimally, 4%), NaCl (1-2.5 %, optimally, 4%) and ethanol (4-5 %, optimally, 5%). The composition is antimicrobial, non-toxic readily available, cheaper, safer and provides medicinal benefits to the skin. There is no need to add natural color and fragrance to the hand-wash composition. The composition is made in an eco-friendly manner as two of the essential oils used in the present composition are extracted from agro-waste i.e. Pine and Eucalyptus leaves.


Mansi Chitkara, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Inderbir Singh, Deepak Kumar, I S Sandhu, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 201811018673        Patent File Date - 18/05/2018        Publication Date - 22-11-2019

An Apparatus for Dispensing Plant Nutrient

A spray device has been designed and developed which comprising


Virender Kadyan, Deepika Koundal, Jagpreet Sidhu, Amandeep Singh Oberoi

Patent File Number - 201711034792        Patent File Date - 29/09/2017        Publication Date - 07-06-2019

A Device for Extracting Moisture From An Article

The inventors have disclosed an invention which serves dual purpose and which completely or partially dehydrate the food without harming its nutritional content by gradually and uniformly heating at reduce temperature and creates a partial vacuum inside chamber thereby increasing rate of evaporation. Also provision for refrigeration of foods in a dried air which is done by a deliquescent filter that passes only dry air from it.


Manjit Singh, Manik Beniwal

Patent File Number - 201711037404        Patent File Date - 23/10/2017        Publication Date - 21-06-2019

Passenger Drop-off Location Reporting Unit

Passenger Drop-Off Location Reporting Unit discloses a passenger drop-off location which consists of reporting unit, in particular a controller with display is mounted near bus driver displaying the plurality of bus drop-off locations over the specific route. Each respective LED light over display corresponds to a specific drop-off location. The controller is in communication with scanner mounted at the entry gate of the bus. The scanner scans the purchased RFID based tokens preprogrammed for respective drop-off location. When in use, the passenger can conveniently scan his/her RFID based token due to which a command is generated by controller to prompts bus driver an LED glow indicating the respective drop-off location. Said scanner is also used for refilling amount in RFID chips.


Tushar Dhawan

Patent File Number - 201711038729        Patent File Date - 31/10/2017        Publication Date - 21-06-2019

Improved Mechanism for Converting Gear Tramission of Motorcycle From Manual To Automatic

The present invention discloses an improved mechanism for converting manual gear transmission of motorcycle into automatic which is easy to use for a new rider without any issue of engaging clutch and changing gear manually. The inventors have provided a separate clutch pedal and a gear pedal fixed adjacent to the normal existing gear pedal. The clutch pedal is given three movements upward, downward and a central position. The clutch pedal and gear pedal move in same direction as they are fastened together and are further connected to pneumatic cylinder rod and ECU for its functioning. The whole mechanism is fixed externally without configuring any internal components of the motorcycle. The mechanism automates manual gear transmission that also intends to increase its efficiency. So the inventors have provided a simple, robust, low cost and easy to fit mechanism that provides comfortable riding experience even for a new learning rider.


Rupesh Gupta, Bhavneet Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Chandan Rajpurohoit, Dhruv Kochar

Patent File Number - 201611036334        Patent File Date - 24/10/2016        Publication Date - 27-04-2018

Personal Safety System With Wearable Electronic Gadget

The inventors have designed a light weight, adjustable, waterproof and eco-friendly wearable gadget to make women feel safe and secure. It includes a three button triggering system, an alarm, a camera recorder, tracking system and emergency voice call/message system Therefore a control unit, RF receiver and transmitter, a video recording system, GSM and GPS system, cloud computing system, siren system, self-defense (pepper spray), switching and triggering system are essential components of the gadget. Pressing first button allows pepper spray to leak from the container and help the user to escape. On press of second button, the pre-recorded voice call/messages along with person’s location is send to the helpline (1091), also to the authenticated guardian or friend and the video starts recording and is transmitted over cloud for future help in investigation. A siren starts to blow thus, alerting the nearby people for immediate help.


Vidyotma Gandhi, Amitoj Singh, Nagma Khattar, Stuti, Stuti Kashyap

Patent File Number - 201611037969        Patent File Date - 07/11/2016        Publication Date - 29-06-2018

Therapeuticallybeneficial Fruit Concentrate Syrup/Molasses for Use In Bakery Products And A Method”.

The present invention discloses a fruit concentrate syrup/molasses which offers the twin benefit of nutritional value and anti-diabetic effect. It can be added to any bakery product e.g. cookies, cakes, breads etc. The process of making the syrup is easy and fast and involves making an aqueous extract


Mansi Chitkara, Rajnit Kohli, I S Sandhu, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Didar Singh

Patent File Number - 201611040424        Patent File Date - 25/11/2016        Publication Date - 01-06-2018

Lid (Design)

A novel design of CAN LID which can be closed for multiple use.


Vaibhav Sharma

Patent File Number - 288993        Patent File Date - 30/11/2016        Publication Date - 24-11-2017

Dough Processing Machine (Design)

A novel design of Dough processing machine for automatic processing of flour dough.


Kashish Mathreja

Patent File Number - 289570        Patent File Date - 24/12/2016        Publication Date - 04-05-2018

Qca Based Static Random Access Memory Design With Novel Interfacing Circuitry

Inventors have developed 32 X 64 bit QCA based SRAM using eleven input majority gates and successfully designed addressing circuitry i.e. 32:1 multiplexer and 4 X 32 decoders for the memory design. This newly developed 32 X 64 bit SRAM can be designed from lesser number of QCA cells thereby reducing the circuit complexity and lesser area is thus occupied as compared to the existing technology.


Rupinder Kaur, Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 201611044210        Patent File Date - 24/12/2016        Publication Date - 29-06-2018

Advanced Autonomous Wall Painting Machine for High Rise Buildings

In the present invention, inventors have developed an electronic advance autonomous wall crawling machine exclusively used for painting purpose. For sticking the machine with wall, suction cups with self-counter are used. Vertical and horizontal slider rails are available through which whole machine can move in conjugation with pneumatic cylinders. The movement mechanism on the wall is either manually with the help of PLC control unit or autonomous with the help of sensors which not only detects and avoids the various obstacles but also calculates the required area to be painted. The machine is embedded with machine learning algorithm. Power unit and paint repository are kept separately and connected through wires and pipes respectively with the machine. An air balloon protection system is also embedded with the machine in conjugation with the acceleration sensor which avoids the free fall from the wall for any unexpected reason during painting operation.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Amandeep Singh Oberoi, Harsh Sohal, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201711003499        Patent File Date - 31/01/2017        Publication Date - 03-08-2018

Novel Dehydrated Fat Free Marinade for Meats And Veg And Method Thereof.

A novel, fat free dehydrated marinade for meats and vegetables is made which combines best features of a dry rub and marinades as a “two-in-one product”. It consists of puree of raw onion, fresh tomato and fresh garlic; red chili powder, black pepper powder, lemon juice, lemon zest (outer skin), fresh ripe papaya puree and salt mixed in specific ratios followed by dehydration. The invention for the first time discloses use of ripe papaya as a rich source of enzymes in a marinade. The marinade can be used directly as a solid powder that is coated on the food or some water can be added to it to instantly make a liquid marinade that is brushed or sprayed on the food.


Mansi Chitkara, Rajnit Kohli, I S Sandhu, Didar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Rohit Agnish

Patent File Number - 201711007084        Patent File Date - 28/02/2017        Publication Date - 31-08-2018

Compact Nutrition And Energy Bar And Method Thereof

The invention relates to food nutrition and discloses an energy bar which offers the technical advantages of affordability, long shelf life, acceptance by diabetics and also meeting significant part ofrecommended dietary allowances of proteins, energy and minerals. The bar comprises seven


Mansi Chitkara, Rajnit Kohli, I S Sandhu, Didar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Rohit Agnish

Patent File Number - 201711007090        Patent File Date - 28/02/2017        Publication Date - 31-08-2018

Personal Safety Device

A cost effective, light weight and robust safety device invented for women although the same can be worn by males also which is capable to generate a distress signal and transmitting the user coordinates to the nearest control station in the range of 20 km upon being activated by a user by making predefined gesture pattern of the finger in air in an emergency situation. GPS, radio frequency network module, a processor, sensors and a gesture generating circuitry is embedded within the device. The generated gesture pattern also acts as cancellation gesture. The device need not connect wirelessly with mobile handset in order to transmit the distress signal. The device can trigger the distress signal in case someone forcefully takes the device out of victim’s finger, thus reducing its chances of theft.


Prateek Srivastava, Prerna Mehtani, Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 201711007428        Patent File Date - 02/03/2017        Publication Date - 07-09-2018

Vehicle Windshield Loosening Kit

In this invention a unique method has been invented for a kit for loosening the vehicle’s front or rear windshield. The method involves placing a Styrofoam between vehicle’s windshield and the gasket. Within the said gasket, a thin metallic pipe with numerous pores at various locations is carefully placed. The said metallic pipe with pores is always in touch of the said Styrofoam. The two open ends of the gasket pipes are connected with the dual outlet of the refillable container filled with liquid acetone. Exiting the liquid acetone involves either an on-off switch operated motor or sliding gates


Anshuman Lal, Avi Singla, Bhavika Gupta

Patent File Number - 201711015772        Patent File Date - 04/05/2017        Publication Date - 11-01-2019

Energy Efficient And Intelligent Cluster Type Heterogeneous System for Grid Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Inventors have designed a grid based network layout that can be effectively used for proliferation of wireless sensor networks in organized spaces like homes, buildings and cities. Owing to the variety of sensors that can be deployed in these smart spaces, heterogeneity is achieved. To achieve power efficiency and scalability, a new intelligent and heterogeneity aware clustering arrangement is then overlaid on the grid-based network. The whole process of network deployment and commissioning is phased into developing a well labeled grid layout plan, deploying a gateway device and/ or sink device for the grid, deploying native location tags, deploying sensor nodes in the grid layout, Star/ Mesh Network formation and finally Intelligent Cluster formation within a grid location.


Rajvir Singh , Rama Krishna Challa

Patent File Number - 201611028872        Patent File Date - 24/08/2016        Publication Date - 02-03-2018

Improved forced Draft Biomass Cookstove With High Thermal Efficiency

The present invention discloses an improved, forced draft cook stove, in which the thermal efficiency is in range of 36-38%. This has been achieved by use of a central aerator in the form of a hollow cylinder placed in the center of the combustion chamber. The aerator has got small holes along its side walls through which air passes and enters at all levels of the biomass pellets, resulting in remarkable improvement of efficiency.


Charu Khosla, Amandeep Singh Oberoi, Sukhdev Singh, Vaibhav Sharma, Varun Puri, Varishu Chauhan

Patent File Number - 201711016021        Patent File Date - 06/05/2017        Publication Date - 09-11-2018

Electronic Assistive Device for Classroom Teaching

The present invention discloses an electronic assistive device for classroom teaching. This assists teacher to share the contents like audio, video, presentation slides, documents, exercise, demonstrations to the particular recipient. The hardware device is able to connect with android/windows based smart phones or laptops of students using the intranet. The device is smart enough to identify the target audience, it is a simple device, the operational functionalities are simple enough to be understood by anyone and it is a secured device and most importantly a wireless device. The device shares the material in a single click and is able to log all entries. It freezes the student’s device to display the teaching materials online and supports all types of content deliveries like audio/video/multimedia/text/presentations moreover, it is a cost effective device. The advantage of the device is that it is a simple device having portable Wi-Fi and one point nodal communication


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Harsh Sohal, Raman Singh Chauhan, Archana Mantri

Patent File Number - 201611031193        Patent File Date - 13/09/2016        Publication Date - 30-03-2018

Novel Pharmaceutical Solubility Enhancer

The present invention discloses a novel pharmaceutical economical. Crude neem gum which is available commercially cannot be used as a pharmaceutical excipient since it is sticky and not suitable for use as a pharmaceutical excipient.However, after processing in the specific manner disclosed in the invention, the same becomesfree flowing and capable of being used as an excipient. excipient- processed neem gum, to enhance drug solubility. Enhancing water solubility of drugs has lot of therapeutic and commercial benefits- it reduces toxicity and drug dosage. Reduction in dosage makes the process


Manju Nagpal, Sandeep Arora, Geeta Aggarwal

Patent File Number - 201711022946        Patent File Date - 30/06/2017        Publication Date - 04-01-2019

Topicalherbal Composition for The Treatment of Psoriasis And Other Skin Diseases And Method Thereof

The present invention discloses a novel topical herbal composition for the treatment of psoriasis. The composition consists of extracts of 6 herbs in coconut oil viz. Wrightiatinctoria (fresh leaves),Cyndondactylon (fresh leaves) Psoraleacorylifolia (seeds), Nigella sativa (seeds),Chrysopogonzizanioides (roots) and Barbadensis miller ((leaf flesh) in specific ratios w/w. 52:23:10:5:5:5 respectively. Herbs are boiled in 5 times the quantity of water until it evaporates and reaches to the 1/5 of total quantity, then the mixture is added to coconut oil in ratio of 1:5 (v/v) followed by heating to remove the water content. The oil is cooled and stored in the glass bottles. For use, the oil is applied on the affected skin-areas for 15 – 30 minutes and 2 – 3 times a day. The process is continued for 3 – 4 months for better results. The topical composition of the present invention is free from side-effects and therapeutically very effective.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Sandeep Arora, Ramamurthy Vijyakumar Thandulu

Patent File Number - 201611033442        Patent File Date - 30/09/2016        Publication Date - 06-04-2018

Paperless Erasable Magnetic Braille Slate

Disclosed invention consists of a frame with individual blocks of 6 dots arranged in 3 rows and 2 columns, magnetic stylus, Electromagnetic slider of same polarity as of magnetic balls. slider fixed in slider slot at the base of the slate, silicon rubber, top plate with electromagnetic holes carrying opposite charge on the braille slate and arranged in columns and rows , array of extendable plunger , multiple magnetic balls arranged in holes, stylus with magnetic End , gripper and pressure sensing based 5TPI (Five Teeth per Inch) mechanism fitted between the silicon rubber and lower edge of the magnetic braille slate. The electromagnetic slider changes the polarity of magnetic field at the base of the slate so that all the magnetic balls fall down simultaneously in order to provide a clean and erased look to slate for reuse.


Amitoj Singh, Virender Kadyan, Vinay Kukreja, Amandeep Singh Oberoi

Patent File Number - 201611033447        Patent File Date - 30/09/2016        Publication Date - 09-08-2019

Farmer Interactive Remotely Controlled Rice Crop Disease Detection System

The present invention discloses a farmer interactive remotely controlled rice crop disease detection system comprising a hand held device with display and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a camera and processor along with embedded image processing software. Camera at UAV captures the live video of the rice field and transmits it to handheld device using ZigBee Wireless Communication. Farmer visualizes the diseased crop from remote location without entering the field. He gives command to UAV to click picture of such diseased plant which does so and that picture (image) is processed at UAV/Drone site itself. The disease name is identified and information about that which pesticide should be used and in how much quantity, it should be given is transmitted to handheld device for the farmer to see the same on LED display. All this is done with the help of ZigBee Wireless Communication.


Sheifali Gupta, Satpal Singh, Sagar Juneja, Rupesh Gupta

Patent File Number - 201613036100        Patent File Date - 21/10/2016        Publication Date - 16-02-2018

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

The inventors of the present invention have developed an energy efficient refrigerator. The inventors of the present invention have modified the internal compartments/cabins of the refrigerator to prevent its cooling losses. Inventors have provided a transparent slider shutter (which can be made of polycarbonate plastic) for each compartment/cabin inside the refrigerator which has a main door to open it. The collapsible shutter gives access to any of the compartment/cabin without affecting other compartment/cabin of the refrigerator. The horizontal moving shutter panels reduces the volume of disturbed air while opening it. So this method prevents the loss of cold air form the refrigerator and the efficiency of refrigerator will also increase.


Jatin Sharma, Harjot Singh, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201611011474        Patent File Date - 31/03/2016        Publication Date - 22-12-2017

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