Chitkara University Central Instrumentation Facilities (CUCIF)

CUCIF is known for its consultancy services to the scientific industries and research communities. It is a renowned instrumentation facility in Chandigarh (UT) and States of Punjab and Haryana. CUCIF has visions to raise the local industries requiring research and innovation to upgrade their products. CUCIF is also instrumental in offering the services to academia and research institutions in this area to validate their results with precise and advanced measurements with instrumentation facilities.

Chitkara University, Punjab under the Chitkara Education Trust is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research as Scientific and Instruments Research Organization. CUCIF is an initiative of Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN) started in March 2019. It has already completed more than 700 consultancy projects for industries. The measurements from CUCIF has helped publications of 1000 research papers in reputed journals/conferences.

CUCIF is structured as per the requirement of different type of industries and departments of organizations. It is spread over 5500 square area located in Babbage block, Chitkara University Punjab. The CUCIF facilities are established in Babbage block of Chitkara University, Punjab, India.

CUCIF Divisions

CUCIF has three major divisions

CUCIF Sophisticated Instrumentation – I

CUCIF provides basic facilities and support to the entire university for the development of research. It is allocated on the Babbage block 2nd floor. This basic instrumentation facility houses more than 50 equipment. CUCIF categories this facility into an open area and 4 cabins.

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CUCIF Sophisticated Instrumentation – II

CUCIF Sophisticated Instrumentation – II is known for advanced facilities required for specific domains such as material research, life sciences research and basic sciences research. The CUCIF sophisticated instrumentation – II houses multiple cabins and each cabin has multiple advanced instrumentation facilities. The facility is housed at Babbage block 5th floor.

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CUCIF Computational Facility

CUCIF Computational Facility is the dedicated place to experience the paid and licensed software along with the supercomputation facility. This computational facility includes different software that are required for various research work. The supercomputing facilities include the availability of latest GPUs such as RTX 3070 for seamless machine learning and artificial intelligence implementation.

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