About Us

Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN)

We let you embark on research and innovation from the first day. Either you are industry or student or the researcher, you are stakeholder of CURIN. This network of research and innovation is open to all the students and faculties of Chitkara University. Through Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN), our researchers work across disciplines to extend the boundaries of knowledge. CURIN has glory of filing the number of patents and publish research papers to serve the scientific community. The patents are serving number of industries both at local and global level to solve the difficult problems with simple solutions.

CURIN has following Stakeholders our Researchers:
CURIN is the locus of research for collaborative groups of investigators pushing the frontiers of knowledge forward. They are involved in cutting edge research, exploring new technologies to improve the country’s infrastructure and safety — and contributing to society through many other discoveries and innovations.

Our Students
We believe every student benefits from being taught by experts active in research and practice. We discuss the latest ideas, research discoveries and new technologies in seminars. It helps student to involve into a research project at early stage of their studies. All our academic staff are active in internationally-recognised scientific research across a wide range of topics.

There are numerous engineering research projects in progress, funded by industry, charities, government departments and research councils.

Local and Global Industries
We understand that it is difficult for small and medium industries to establish the research centres at their place. With the SIRO (Science and Industrial Research Organization) recognition from DSIR, Government of India, we are serving the MSMEs to achieve the innovation in their processes and products. We offer the testing facilities to the industries, government and other collaborators. We serve the industries with our laboratories and offer the testing facilities to evaluate the processes and products.