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Automatic Beverage/Drink/Liquid Dispensing Machine

The present invention discloses an automatic beverage/drink/liquid dispensing machine. Machine is equipped with three types of sensors i.e. proximity sensors, load cell and color sensor. The proximity sensors detect the height of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler and based upon its height, it dispenses the desired quantity of the beverage/drink. Load cell confirms accurate dispensing of beverage/drink/Liquid in tumbler. Color sensor detects the base color of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler and dispenses same color of beverage/drink/Liquid as the color on the base of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler. For detecting base color of beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler, the color sensor is so fixed that it is always below the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler. Hence this machine is so simple to operate that even a small child can use this machine.


Anuj Dawar, Anurag Kalyan

Patent File Number - 4295/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 28/12/2015        Publication Date - 22-12-2017

Improved formulation of Glimepiride With Enhanced Solubility

Glimepiride is a third generation anti-diabetic drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes). It is a sulphonyl urea compound which is poorly water soluble. The present invention discloses an improved formulation of Glimepiride with enhanced solubility. The improved formulation consists of modified locust bean gum as the solubility enhancer in a specific ratio of 1: 6 (drug: gum). The method used for making the composition is solid dispersion technique employing solvent evaporation in which the drug is dissolved in solvent along with polymer and thereafter solvent is evaporated. The improved formulation shows solubility enhancement of around 89% over a period of 2 hours.


Manju Nagpal, Masha Rajput, Kanav Midha, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 2656/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 26/08/2015        Publication Date - 03-03-2017

Vehicle With Adjustable Chassis And Its Method of Adjustment Thereof

The present invention discloses an adjustable Vehicle Chassis system that allows the user to change the length of the vehicle as per user’s requirement. The adjustable chassis system of present invention works mainly on bevel gears and threaded shaft due to which the rear member can move forward or backward thereby providing length adjustment. The primary function of the bearing arrangement facilitate sliding motion of the rear portion of the chassis . The length of chassis can be adjusted both manually as well as automatically. The adjustable chassis of present invention is very cost-effective due to its easy manufacturing and fabrication.


Saajan khurana, Sahil Khullar, Sahil Nautiyal

Patent File Number - 3060/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 26/09/2015        Publication Date - 31-03-2017

Novel Boswellic Acid Derivatives With Therapeutic Activity And Method Thereof

The present invention discloses novel Schiff base derivatives of a boswellic acid3-hydroxyhexamethyl- eicosahydro-picene-4-carboxylic acid with therapeutic effects such as antiinflammatory, anti-arthritic and immunomodulating activity. The compounds are obtained by semisynthetic derivatisation of 3-hydroxy-hexamethyl-eicosahydro-picene-4-carboxylic acid which provides Schiff base derivatives.


Sandeep Arora, Ritchu Babbar, Kartik Sharma

Patent File Number - 3109/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 29/09/2015        Publication Date - 31-03-2017

Electronically Controlled Nursing Bed

The electronically controlled nursing bed is helpful for bedridden patients to change their positions automatically or periodically as suggested by doctors. The whole device is self-controlled in specific angles/positions/tilt. To prevent patient from bedsores the electronically controlled nursing bed helps the patient to change their position to left, right or at a particular angle by hand gesture control. Apart from bed positioning patient can control room environment like light, fan, window curtain, blanket wrapping by its own, without any attendant/ caretaker help. Caretaker/attendant can help patient in his/her bowl movement without lifting the patient form bed. The invention provides sanitary trolley under the bed with switch controlled movement. Hence the present invention provides complete patient care and decreases the requirement of the hospital caring staff.


Amitoj Singh, Vidyotma Gandhi, Piyush Insaa, Pranay Walia

Patent File Number - 3133/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/09/2015        Publication Date - 31-05-2017

Water Purification System Based on Earthen Pot

The invention relates to a water purification system comprising of three chambers. The First purifying chamber at the top consists of a mixture of sand and rice husk ash. The second chamber is the chlorination chamber comprising of chlorine tablets and the third chamber which is also a storage chamber is made up of 70:30 mixture of clay and rice husk ash. For purification of water, it is first passed through the neutralization chamber that adjusts the acidity or basicity of water. After neutralization, microorganisms need to be removed from water, for that purpose chlorination is done. At last the water is passed and stored in the storage chamber where the water is further purified and stored. The product is cheaper, easy to make and can be processed easily under the supervision of inventors.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Viren Singh Pathania, Vivek Sharma, Ajay Singh

Patent File Number - 3516/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 29/10/2015        Publication Date - 05-05-2017

Improved Light Spot Galvanometer

Light spot galvanometer, also called mirror galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument used to detect or sense very small currents flowing through a conductor. The existing galvanometer suffers from the limitation of dislocation of parts during transport and cumbersome reading due to difficulty in stabilizing the light spot. The present invention discloses an improved light spot galvanometer in which the angular movement of the coil is converted to linear displacement and hence to electric voltage using a LVDT (Linear variable differential transformer). The output of the LVDT is then fed to the ADC (Analog-to-digital converter). The digital signal is measured and the value displayed on a LCD display panel. The improved galvanometer is easy to transport and easy to read, thus overcoming problems of prior art instrument.


Harsh Sohal, Deepak Saluja

Patent File Number - 3773/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 18/11/2015        Publication Date - 22-12-2017

Neuronal Cells Produced From Non-Neuronal Cell Line And Method Thereof

The present invention discloses neuronal cells derived from a non-neuronal, murine (mouse) cell line C3H10T1/2 and a method of producing such cells in culture, using walnut oil as the neural induction agent in the concentration range of 0.003% When treated with cold-pressed walnut oil under standard culture conditions of 37 degree Celsius temperature and 5% carbon dioxide atmosphere, the cultured monolayer of mesenchymal cell differentiates into neuronal cells within 3 days of treatment. Neuron morphology is confirmed by Cresyl violet acetate staining. The neuronal cells remain viable for approximately 7 days. The method is easy and cost-effective.


Varsha Singh

Patent File Number - 3770/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 18/11/2015        Publication Date - 19-05-2017

Solar Lounge Design Patent

Design patent filed for Solar lounge.


Anu Singla

Patent File Number - 272046        Patent File Date - 11/05/2015        Publication Date - 18-03-2016

Wind Turbine Driven Generator for Vehicle

The inventor has developed a wind turbine driven generator for vehicle which uses maximum wind energy and converts it into electrical energy for running vehicles. Generator comprises of a covered box which is so designed that that internal partitions act as two nozzles each with wide front end and narrow rear end. Inside the box, four or more vertical axis turbines with vertical blades are so fitted that air which is compressed due to this nozzle like shape of the partitions causes turbine to rotate and thus electricity energy produced is used by the vehicle. Converging conical flaps to reduce the volume and increase the pressure of outgoing air and directional flaps at the rear end of the nozzle shaped partitions to direct outgoing air downwards towards the rear glass are used in order to maintain the aerodynamics of the air.


Prabhjot Singh

Patent File Number - 1962/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/06/2015        Publication Date - 30-12-2016

Novel Compounds With Anti Inflammatory Activity

The present invention discloses novel compounds which are derivatives of ferulic acid, for use as anti-inflammatory agents. The derivatives are prepared using Mannich reaction. In Mannich reaction, formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde is condensed with
ammonia in the form of its salt and a compound containing active hydrogen. This may formally be considered as an addition of ammonia to give H2N-CH2-OH, followed by a nucleophilic substitution. Instead of ammonia, the reaction is carried out with salts of primary or secondary amines or with amides, in which cases the product is substituted on the nitrogen with R, R2 and RCO respectively.


Sandeep Arora, Mansi Chitkara, Ritchu Babbar, I S Sandhu, S C Sharma

Patent File Number - 2189/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 20/07/2015        Publication Date - 27-01-2017

Multi-Dimensional Transit System

The present invention discloses a novel multi-dimensional transit system for passengers/cargo having a flexibility to move in multiple directions as well as along inclined or contoured paths. The transit cabin carrying passengers/cargo is housed in a housing and is detachable from the housing while moving in horizontal X bay. The transit cabin has got two doors on the adjacent sides and projection brackets for interlocking the transit cabin with the housing during movement in various directions. Also the present invention discloses a system of elevator / lift that can also serve as a combined transit solution to more than one interconnected buildings


Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Mr. Mohit Chitkara, Dr. Ashok Chitkara, Dr. Archana Mantri, Mr. Gautam Malik

Patent File Number - 960/DEL/2009        Patent File Date - 12/05/2009        Publication Date - 21-01-2011

Recuperator or Heat Exchanger for Combustion Chamber

The invention comprises a recuperator shell mounted on a base. The shell has an internal hollow pipe for flue gas exhaust which is connected to an orifice at the base, orifice for air inlet and hot air outlet orifice . The internal hollow pipe is so designed that at its exterior cylindrical surface, multiple turns of a guide way are welded in a helical fashion. The angle at which each guideway is helixed is 45 degree which gives a tangential flow direction to natural fresh air entering through the orifice.


Prabhjot Singh

Patent File Number - 2439/DEL/2013        Patent File Date - 17/08/2013        Publication Date - 05-02-2016

Hand Wearable Haptic Feedback Based Navigation Device

The present invention relates to the field of guiding and navigation systems and devices.More specifically, it relates to a hand wearable haptic feedback based navigation device. The device can be used to assist blind people while walking, to access the obstacles and their distances. It can also be used by soldiers to access their enemy in dark night. It can, in fact, be used for applications where a normal vision with eyes is not possible.


Abhinav S. Verma

Patent File Number - 3506/DEL/2013        Patent File Date - 03/12/2013        Publication Date - 05-02-2016

Portable And Smart Intensive Care Unit

The present invention discloses a portable and smart intensive care unit comprises Remote Access Diagnostic Unit which enables vital/physical parameters of patients to be transmitted wirelessly to a hardware device e.g. smart-phone, enabling the same to be accessed from a remote location using specially designed Java and/or C++ and/or Microsoft Foundation Classes multi-threaded coding application software and transmitting physical condition of patient in video form by using Java and/or C-Sharp in REAL-TIME mode through the Bigdata (Spark and/or Storm) and/or cloud base station using Virtual Private Network AND Remote Access Medicine Dispensing Unit which dispenses specific medicines in specific dosage by doctor to patient using Micro-controller and using Arduino and/or python programming for each actuator. Base Station Server with Bigdata and/or Cloud with communication format using Java Script Object Notation for networking. Android/other PC Applications are used at doctor’s end.


Surya Narayan Panda, Naveen Sharma , Rajesh Kaushal, Preethi Pradhan

Patent File Number - 2537/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 05/09/2014        Publication Date - 27-05-2016

Multipurpose Dual Operated Rickshaw / Pedicab

The present invention generally relates to the field of vehicle design engineering and more specifically to a human driven rickshaw/pedicab. The rear wheel turns it opposite direction to the front wheel without any kinematic link provided due to the negative caster given to it. The wheels are arranged in a diamond pattern. Instead of two wheels in front and two in back, the present invention features individual wheels at the front and rear which steered in opposite directions to enhance maneuverability (a controlled change in the movement of vehicle).The diamond shaped geometry, allows the chassis to form a planar, simple structure, small footprint, can accordingly increase the space and can greatly simplify the production process, can reduce cost and weight and also facilitate manufacturing quality control. In addition to these features the rickshaw/pedicab can be operated by dual mechanism, either by motor or by manual paddling.


Shivam sahni

Patent File Number - 2742/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 24/09/2014        Publication Date - 27-05-2016

Energy Efficient Unicode Reader Design on Fpga

In the present invention, the inventors have integrated the expertise of electronics researcher and natural language processing researcher in order to develop faster, low cost, low power and secure hardware based Unicode reader design for 22 languages of eighth schedule of constitution of India. In order to make the processing faster, core electronics techniques like clock dedicated route, directed routing, area group compression, mapping, finite state machine, controlling skew, jitter and delay for high performance Unicode reader design are used. In order to make them energy efficient, core electronics techniques like clock gating, capacitance scaling, voltage scaling, thermal scaling, IO standard, impedance matching, mobile DDR I/O standard, HSTL I/O Standard, DCI, SSTL and LVCMOS for energy efficient Unicode reader design are being used.


Bishwajeet Pandey , Amanpreet Kaur

Patent File Number - 2849/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 07/10/2014        Publication Date - 27-05-2016

Dermal Patch of Curcumin for Therapeutic Uses

Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent. On oral administration it undergoes extensive first pass metabolism leading to its low bioavailability. It has short t 1/2 of just 3 hours, due to its short time of action it’s required to be administered several times a day decreasing patient compliance. Due to its low bioavailability and low dose for administration curcumin can be considered as an ideal candidate for transdermal drug delivery. The present invention discloses a dermal patch comprising a composite film of chitosan and polyvinyl alcohol in an optimal raio of 1:4. Percentage of curcumin in the film is 97-98%. When the patch is pasted on the skin using biocompatible adhesive means, curcumin is released directly into blood stream, over a sustained period of time.


Inderbir Singh, Amrinder Singh, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 2860/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 08/10/2014        Publication Date - 03-06-2016

Microwave Based Machine for Destroying Variety of Weeds

The present invention discloses a microwave based machine for destroying variety of weeds. This is achieved with the help of sensing multiple biological characteristics of weed such as moisture, PH and leaf pattern SIMULTANEOUSLY and then processing the signals in a way that there is CONFIRMATION of presence or absence of any type of weed. No weed will miss the eye of multiple sensors. The present invention also includes special hanging arms to diverge crop leaves to make path. This helps the machine traverse the farm even at the stage when the crop is growing and have some finite height without damaging it. One more feature of the present invention is the directive and focussed exposure to microwaves on weeds only thereby saving the crop or the farm soil from adverse effects of microwaves on the fertility of soil or the health of crop.


Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 2976/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 18/10/2014        Publication Date - 27-05-2016

RFID Based Integrated Personal Identification System With Smart Card

The invention relates to a RFID based integrated personal identification system with smart card, capable of reading digitally embedded information from this specially developed smart card. The basic technology consists of RFID card, a RFID reader, a microcontroller and a GSM module. The RFID card of the present invention contains all personal Government certified individual cards such as license, PAN card etc. in a digitized form properly compiled and stored in a cloud computing environment. A unique code is provided to the user to prevent the unauthorized access to this information. The card reader is so programmed that it displays the information only after matching the code of the user.


Rajdeep Singh, Sidharth Jindal

Patent File Number - 3287/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 14/11/2014        Publication Date - 20-05-2016

Micro Electromechanical Sensors (Mems) Based Automatic Windscreen Wiper

In the present invention, the inventors have developed a MEMS based automatic windscreen wiping mechanism. The Micro-Electromechanical Sensors gather information from the environment through measuring mechanical, thermal, biological, chemical, optical, and magnetic phenomena. The sensors are implanted in all four axes (N, S, E and W) diagonally and orientation of high frequency radiation is used to sense particles. After sensing in all directions using fluidic and dust sensors, the electronics then process the information derived from the sensors and a movable linked wiper gets started which fairly clear glass including corners of the windshield which were left un-cleaned in existing technology.


Vishal Mehta, Nitin Saluja, Hemant Bansal

Patent File Number - 3431/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 26/11/2014        Publication Date - 31-08-2016

Folding Bicycle And Its Mechanism of Folding Thereof

The present invention provides a less time consuming and more efficient mechanism for folding a bicycle which can be folded into such a compact form that the bicycle can be easily transported. The folding bicycle comprises of a door hinge, allowing the length to be shortened, while keeping the crank set (bicycle chain) in the same alignment. Both the wheels axis coincides with each other, to bring down the folded size of the bicycle to half of its original length. An interlocking member is provided to lock the bicycle in folded position which enhances convenience in its folding. A shock absorbing device is fitted at the rear wheel which prevents the transmission of shocks from being transmitted to the rider. Hence a folding method that is easy, require less time to fold the bicycle and aesthetically pleasing after folding is disclosed in the present invention.


Lavan Jain, Divyanshu Sood , Akashdeep Singh Chahal

Patent File Number - 311/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 03/02/2015        Publication Date - 26-08-2016

Centralized Fuel Consumption Monitoring System for Distributed Fuel Stations

The inventor of the present invention has developed a centralized fuel consumption monitoring system for distributed fuel stations to be installed at petrol pumps and refinery. The system will track the fuel dispensed by the dispensing unit and consolidate the data on the computer installed at individual petrol pump and to the central refinery simultaneously. At the refinery the total data of every petrol pump will be matched and the reports will be published for each petrol pump.


Sachin Ahuja , Surya Narayan Panda, Amitoj Singh, Vinay Kukreja

Patent File Number - 760/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 20/03/2015        Publication Date - 30-09-2016

Individual Node Control Mechanism for Centralized Air Conditioning System And Method of Use Thereof

The inventors of the present invention have developed a system to facilitate controlling of different comfort conditions for individual nodes present in centralized air conditioningsystem. The inventors of the present invention provide a solution to individually sense each node connected to centralize AC. The mechanical shutters are present that will shut the duct and energy will be directed to the next node. If all the ducts are sensed shut, AC will go off, which will be the energy saving process.The effectiveness of air conditioning is not affected and there will be uniform cooling in each node.


Nitin Saluja, Himanshu Jindal

Patent File Number - 1157/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 25/04/2015        Publication Date - 28-10-2016