Research Labs – Chitkara University, Punjab

Sr. No Name of the Lab Room No. Floor Building
1. Animal Experimental Research Laboratory – 1 106 1st Floor Animal House, Backside the Fleming Block
2. Animal Experimental Research Laboratory – 2 107 1st Floor Animal House, Backside the Fleming Block
3. Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Lab 503 5th Floor Babbage Block
4. Centre for Liquid Crystal Research 506 5th Floor Babbage Block
5. Centre for Life Sciences 507 5th Floor Babbage Block
6. Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security 509 5th Floor Babbage Block
7. Content & Laungauge Integrated Laboratory (CLIL) 002 Ground Floor Bloom Block
8. Speech & Multimodal Laboratory 002 Ground Floor Explore Hub
9. Centre for High Power and High Frequency 003 Ground Floor Explore Hub
10. Augmented & Virtual Reality Lab 012 Ground Floor Explore Hub
11. Naomaterials Research Lab 008 Ground Floor Fleming Block
12. Biogenetic Healthcare Chair for Advanced Phytopharmaceutical Granulation Technology and Depvelopment 029(A To F) Ground Floor Fleming Block
13. Analytical Testing Services & Herbal and Ayush Product Testing and Standardization Lab 029(A To F) Ground Fleming Block
14. NABI Chair for centre of Excellence in Therapeutic Foods & Nutraceuticals Research Phytopharmaceutical Development 131 1st Fleming Block
15. Pharmacology Research Laboratory 237,(A) 2nd Fleming Block
16. Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory 238,(A) 2nd Fleming Block
17. Pharmacy Practice Research Laboratory 243(243A,B,C) 2nd Fleming Block
18. Phytoremediation Lab Ground Backside the Fleming Block
19. Chitkara SPAAK Centre 2 Ground Galileo Block
20. Linux Administration Lab (with RadHat) 003 Ground Newton Block
21. Robotics Process Automation Lab (with Automation Anywhere) 004 Ground Newton Block
22. Advanced Programming Lab (with Virtusa) 006 Ground Newton Block
23. Advanced Operating System Lab (with Apple) 014 Ground Newton Block
24. Center of Excellence on VLSI Design 105 A 1st Newton Block
25. Maker’s Lab-LARVA 5 ( A to D) Ground Turing Block
26. Centre for Water Sciences 018( A,B) Ground Turing Block
27. Heating Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) Psychrometry Lab B006 Basement Tesla
28. Iconic Plumbing Lab B007 Basement Tesla
29. Heating Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) Clean Room Lab 008 Ground floor Tesla
30. Human Comfort Engineering Lab 011 Ground floor Tesla
31. Automation Lab 209 2nd Floor Tesla
32. Robotics and Mechatronics Research Lab 220 2nd Floor Tesla
33. Auto Sink Centre of Excellence 226 2nd Floor Tesla
34. Centre for Computer Aided Engineering – I 312 3rd Floor Tesla
35. Centre for Computer Aided Engineering – II 316 3rd Floor Tesla
36. Centre for 3D Reverse Engineering 313 3rd Floor Tesla
37. Advanced Machine Lab 013 A Ground floor Mechanical Workshop