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Centre for Water Sciences

The Center for Water Sciences (CWS) at Chitkara University has been established in March 2019 with the main objective of having a central facility in the Campus to carry out water testing & analysis, consultancy and research in the field of water sciences. In addition to research, it aims to have state of the art testing and characterization of water to cater to the testing needs of the industry, society as well as other educational institutes and government organizations. The main areas of testing and research at the Centre are drinking water as well as industrial waste water and spreading awareness in the society about the importance of clean water and conservation / recharging of water. The Centre regularly holds programs on Water related themes for students, faculty, public including the villages and towns around the University, and for other organizations: private and public both. CWS consists of two labs – one is for analysis of different quality parameters of water with instrumentation and other lab is research based on purification of water by using plants only and plants incorporated other materials .


  • To provide analytical, technical, consultancy services in field of drinking as well as wastewater.
  • Undertaking research with the object of developing and designing new and/or improved techniques and/or methods for controlling and/or reducing water pollution caused particularly by industries or Sewage.
  • To organize and promoting the training of research workers in the fields of water testing and to undertake training programs.
  • To enhance awareness on water quality analysis in rural community.


Dr Jyotsna Kaushal

Professor and center lead | CURIN

Dr Pooja Mahajan


Mr. Ajay Singh


Navjeet Kaur

Ph.D Research Scholar | CURIN
Email Id: mrsnavjeetkaur@gmail.com

Lata Rani

Ph.D Research Scholar | CURIN
Email Id: lata.rani@chitkarauniversity.edu.in

Pooja Kashap

Ph.D Research Scholar | CURIN
Email Id: pooja11.kashyap@gmail.com

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