Automation Lab

Automation Lab was setup in 2017 at Chitkara University, Punjab. The aim of setting up this lab relies on 2 pillars: Training and Education. This lab has been providing interdisciplinary and multipurpose environment for instructional use, training related to Indiaskills and factory automation and manufacturing reliable parts of machines. The lab is equipped with Fuji PLC’s, electric drives, servos, sensors etc.

We have been training our students on factory automation in collaboration with Fuji Electric India to catch up with the fast-changing industry 4.0. Our faculty has been training students to compete in Indiaskills and worldskills competitions. The latest tools have been helping us to prototype solutions for various machines.

  • To create a productive and sustainable environment for students and researchers for maximizing the team`s potential.
  • To contribute to scientific world through scientific publications.
  • To provide industrial consultancy for automation of old machines.
  • No. of research papers published – 2
  • Workshop conducted – 04
  • Indiaskills competitions – 01
  • Trainings – 02
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