Advanced Operating System Lab

The Operating System Lab was set up in 2016 at Chitkara University, Punjab, in collaboration with Apple Institution. This Lab provides enriching practical skills and imparting industry-relevant advanced operating system concepts to students and faculty members in the field of Information Technology. This Lab provides a platform to learn the knowledge, practical ability, innovation and system design capability, Networking, Information Access, Distributed Operating systems, Collaborative Computing, Computer Graphics, and operating system design language.


Advanced Operating System lab provides knowledge to the faculty and students with the following objectives:

  • To understand the challenges of the system software in modern era computing like cloud computing, Big-data analytics and IoT.
  • To promote research activities to uphold in the theory and practice.
  • To develop scientific writing skills through a series of laboratory reports
  • To promote research activities a variety of measures to uphold in the theory and practice
  • To conduct different Certification exams for students and faculty members.
  • Operating System Lab has acquired more knowledge in the Apple iMac X Operating System environment.
  • Operating System Lab has provided modern computational and research facilities to undergraduates, postgraduates and research students.
  • This Lab includes an extensive collection of beautifully designed applications, which support different operating systems including Apple, Windows and Linux.
  • This Lab provides an environment to train the students to improve their programming knowledge and helps to perform various experiments to get familiar with the core courses.
Lab utilization

The Apple Lab is utilized for conducting the courses/ workshops on iOS programming and Mobile App Development.


Followings are some of the research areas that will explore in future under the Advanced Operating System lab:

  • Synchronization, communication and scheduling in parallel systems
  • Distributed systems and their communication mechanisms
  • Failures and recovery management
  • System support for Internet-scale computing
  • Research position in Multi-OS environment(Linux OS, Mac OS, Symbian and other mobile applications )
  • The research group might be funded by Intel, Nutanix, semiconductor research consortium
  • Research positions may include Operating System Developer ( Kernel / Algorithm / Memory)

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