Robotics and Mechatronics Research Laboratory(RMRL)

Mechatronics aims at achieving the targets of comprehensions in intelligent system designs. The laboratory focuses upon the fundamentals to advanced areas of research in the domains of automation and robotics. The projects designed in the laboratory incorporate effective utilization of advanced literary resources of sectors ranging from aerial robotics to 3-D Printing.

The laboratory is well equipped with all the advanced facilities and equipments. The setup of the laboratory is made such that the undergraduate and postgraduate students can work eminently into projects and areas of their keen interest. With all the advanced facilities and equipments RMRL provides open access to students to work upon and design innovative projects and ideas. The lab is also upon to further work to be carried out by students on the already designed projects such as Robotic Nurse, Bi-Peddler Robot, Amphibian Robots, Pick and Place Robotic Arm and many more.

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