STEM Projects Exhibition (Under DST Project) for School Students on December 6


A ‘STEM Projects Exhibition’ that featured showcasing of 45 projects from 9 different schools of the region was organized by CURIN, Chitkara University, Punjab on December 6, 2023.


This exhibition was a culmination of a two-year DST (GoI) funded project of the NCSTC division that was sanctioned to Dr. Archana Mantri and Dr. Sagar Juneja of Chitkara University in December 2021.


This two-year funded project aimed at encouraging and motivating young school students to enthusiastically take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. To incline students toward STEM, a large number of activities were conducted in the 9 participating schools since December 2021. In the ‘STEM Projects Exhibition’ that was held on December 6 at Chitkara University, students demonstrated their learnings.