Innovative Minds Shine at Idea-Thon 3.0: Finalists Pitch Groundbreaking Ideas for Prototype Development Funding

The finals of Idea-Thon 3.0, spanning March 1 and 2, provided a platform for 18 finalists to present their innovative ideas to a distinguished jury. This panel comprised industry stalwarts such as Mr. Rajneesh Garg, Mr. Vipul Duggal, Mr. Sumit Grover, and Mr. Pushpinder Singh, alongside internal experts Dr. S.N. Panda and Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar.

Drawing upon the jury’s expertise, deserving projects stand to receive prototype development funding from the DST-funded NewGen IEDC at Chitkara University. Each selected project may be granted up to INR 2.25 lakh, facilitating the translation of conceptual brilliance into tangible prototypes. This initiative aligns with the ethos of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, bridging academia and industry to drive meaningful progress.

The culmination of Idea-Thon 3.0 is eagerly anticipated, with the results set to be unveiled by March 7. This event not only showcases the ingenuity of participants but also underscores the collaborative spirit and commitment to nurturing groundbreaking ideas. By providing financial support and mentorship, the platform empowers aspiring innovators to realize their vision and contribute to societal advancement. The significance of Idea-Thon 3.0 extends beyond mere competition, symbolizing a collective endeavor to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and address pressing challenges through collaborative action.