Chitkara University Hosts Renowned Scholar Dr. Sekar Raju for Research Collaboration Initiatives

Team Research Collaboration Initiatives (CURIN) and Doctoral Research Centre (DRC) at Chitkara University had the privilege of hosting Dr. Sekar Raju, Gary and Margaret Pint Faculty Fellow and Chair, Department of Marketing and Associate Professor, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, United States, for a day’s visit on March 11, 2024, at Chitkara University, Punjab.

A series of activities were planned for the day. Dr Raju initiated an insightful event titled “Unlocking the Secrets of Publishing in Leading Journals.” He highlighted the importance of the selection of relevant journals, the requirements for an effective publication, along the shortcomings identified in research papers leading to the rejection of the manuscript.  Dr. Raju’s expertise illuminated the complexities of academic publishing, from navigating submission processes to mastering peer review. He was successful in captivating a diverse audience in the fields of Marketing and Business Research, where his invaluable insights have left everyone inspired and armed with essential knowledge for their scholarly pursuits.

Dr. Sekar Raju had a fruitful meeting with Dr. Archana Mantri, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Amit Mittal, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research programs, regarding the scope of research potential in higher education.

Furthermore, Dr. Raju engaged in productive discussions with the RCI team, exploring exciting possibilities for research collaboration between our esteemed institutions. Additionally, the RCI team facilitated a meeting between Dr. Raju and the Office of International Affairs to explore opportunities for international student academic programs, paving the way for exciting opportunities ahead.

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Sekar Raju

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