Call for Papers: ICEMSMCI: RISE 2024

Exciting news! Join us for the 2nd International Conference on Emerging Materials, Smart Manufacturing, & Computational Intelligence (ICEMSMCI: RISE 2024) – on July 18-19, 2024.

Hosted by Chitkara University Publications, CRIO, Chitkara University, Punjab, India, this conference is a platform for scholars, students, and practitioners to explore recent innovations in Sustainable Engineering.

Highlights of the Conference
  • The second series of ICEMSMCI: RISE-2024 is meticulously crafted to deal with current needs while safeguarding the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.
  • This series brings together scientists, engineers, technicians, and scholars across diverse disciplines to deliberate on the challenges of sustainable development and suggest innovative solutions.
  • The numerous societies and research labs focusing on sustainable development are encouraged to actively participate in the event.
  • The ultimate aim is to develop and deploy intelligent systems and tools that cater to the growing demand for green energy, healthcare, smart manufacturing technologies, and other sustainable development goals.

Theme: Recent Innovations in Sustainable Engineering (RISE)

Tracks and Topics
  • Track 1: Sustainable Emerging Material
  • Track 2: Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies & Industrial Engineering
  • Track 3: Robotics & Mechatronics
  • Track 4: AI, Signal Processing, Computer Vision & Data Analytics
  • Track 5: Sustainability in Internet of Things (IoT), Network, & Sensor Technologies

All accepted and registered papers under this conference will be published in the AIP Proceedings, Scopus-indexed conference book series, CRC, Taylor & Francis, Springer with an ISBN.

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Important Information
Key Organizers
  • Dr. Ankit Sharma – General Chair, ICEMSMCI: RISE 2024
  • Dr.Ayush Dogra – Co-Chair, ICEMSMCI: RISE 2024
  • Dr. Rahul Pandey – Co-Chair, ICEMSMCI: RISE 2024

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