Latest Issue (Q1-2023) of Res Novae Newsletter featuring Research and Development Activities of CURIN is Now Available!

It is our pleasure to share with you the latest issue of the CURIN Newsletter Res Novae featuring research and development activities carried out by CURIN in Q1, 2023. Please find the high-resolution copy of the newsletter available on our website – Res Novae is a quarterly newsletter of CURIN. All previous issues are available at

Kindly read the latest issue of Res Novae to know about the – 

  1. Achievements of CURIN members at various forums
  2. Current research work that is going on in CURIN
  3. Events organized by CURIN, especially with GoI funding
  4. Participation of CURIN faculty members as resource persons at different platforms
  5. CURIN’s efforts in promoting industry-academia collaborations, innovations, entrepreneurship ecosystem, IPR awareness, etc.

CURIN offers multiple opportunities for collaboration in different areas.

Kindly write to us and share your feedback.