Novate Innovation Challenge-2017

Welcome to NOVATE
NOVATE is the annual innovation challenge of Chitkara University. Each year we bring problems, which affect our lives and of those around us. We call upon thinkers, innovators, makers and implementers to find innovative solutions to the problems so that we can make a small difference to somebody near us.
This year we have identified the problems, which affect the day-to-day environment of our University. We require students, staff and faculty of Chitkara University (Himachal Pradesh), Chitkara University (Punjab) and Chitkara International School (Chandigarh) to team up to find never before, efficient, implementable and scalable solutions to these problems. To know the problems Click here
We recommend that teams be multidisciplinary in nature so that all aspects of the project are shaped up in a real manner. The solutions need to be thought, given shape, implemented and finally showcased in front of the jury of international repute.