Fostering Educators for Impactful Teaching and Understanding of Mathematical Concepts through Innovative Origami Approach

In a pioneering effort to revolutionize the teaching of mathematics at the foundational level, Chitkara University, Punjab, conducted the 3rd Skill Enhancement program from 24th August 2023 to 26th August 2023, under the DST Project “Awareness and Training Program for Teachers on Teaching Mathematics through Origami,” and introduced educators to the captivating world of origami. The workshop was inaugurated by distinguished Expert of FDP Sh. V. Sivashankara Sastry, India’s acclaimed origamist, Maths, and Science Communicator, Dr. S. N. Panda (Executive Director – Research), Dr. Nitin Saluja (Associate Director – Research), Dr. Kalpna Guleria (Associate Professor-Research and Principal Investigator Project). In the opening remarks, Dr. Kalpna Guleria mentioned that the main objective of the DST project is to make mathematics learning an engaging and interactive experience for school students by empowering teachers for impactful teaching at the basic foundational level. Dr. S. N. Panda emphasized that the program aimed to equip teachers with innovative origami techniques to simplify complex mathematical concepts to benefit academia. Dr. Nitin Saluja apprised about the NCSTC and DST, Govt. of India’s initiative for the skill enhancements of school teachers.

Throughout the workshop, teachers were immersed in a series of enlightening sessions by honorable resource person Sh. V.S.S Sastry. They were introduced to the historical context and relevance of origami in modern education, emphasizing its potential to foster conceptualization and analytical skills. The hands-on sessions took teachers on a journey through foundational origami folds and shapes, clearly illustrating geometric figures, fractions, and symmetry – key components of the basic mathematics curriculum.

On Day 3 Sh. Satinder Singh Block Education officer Banur was the guest of the day and appreciated the efforts made by Chitkara University to benefit the academia. The culmination of the workshop was marked by a valedictory function, wherein Dr. Kalpna Guleria honored the resource person Sh. V.S.S. Sastry and presented the awards of appreciation to the winners of the mathematics origami model-making competition. Over 50 teachers from the Mohali districts of Punjab participated, showcasing their commitment to innovative teaching methodologies.

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