Fostering Collaborations in the Global South: Chitkara University, India & Strathmore University, Kenya Forge a Path for Impactful Research

🌍✨ Exhilarated to announce the potential partnership between Chitkara University, India  and Strathmore University, Kenya aimed at fostering impactful research initiatives. In a recent virtual meeting held on February 19, 2024, 🗓️, both teams discussed shared interests and potential for collaboration in diverse fields, ranging from technology 🖥️, innovation 💡, and entrepreneurship 💼 to business management 📊 and healthcare 🏥. It was inspiring to witness the enthusiasm and vision for creating meaningful change through collaborative research efforts. This initial meeting promises to be a catalyst for meaningful collaboration, sparking ideas and forging connections that will shape the future of education 📚, technology, and beyond. Together, we’re not just breaking boundaries; we’re redefining them. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of knowledge exchange 🤝, innovation 🔬, and global collaboration 🌐.

Chitkara University

Strathmore University

Archana Mantri

Amit Mittal

Rahul Pandey

Namita Sharma

Angela Ndunge

David M.

 Duncan O. Ageng’a

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