Dr. Virender Kadyan conducted Speech Recognition using Machine learning Steam School workshop from 18-22 Feb 2019

Dr Virender Kadyan Assistant Professor-Research and his team members Ms Sashi Bala, Mr Puneet Bawa and Mr Rishab researchers of Speech & Multimodal Laboratory has conducted the Batch-II of Steam School 2019 workshop on Speech Recognition using Machine learning from 18-22 Feb 2019. Dr Kadyan gave an introductory session on Machine learning apporcahes in aspects of recognition of uttered words. Day 2 has been designed so that student can perform Hands on session on Speech to text recognition system. On day3 student learnt about formation of Chat Bots and also tried to embed it with uttered speech signal. Finally student build their own Chat Bots on Day4 and day5 with sample text corpus in Hindi or English languages.