Dr Pankaj Kumar at 25th National Conference on Liquid Crystal (NCLC-2018)

Dr Pankaj Kumar (Professor and Associate Dean) and Vandna Sharma (DST INSPIRE-SRF) from Liquid Crystal Nano Physics Research Laboratory, CURIN, have presented their research work in the 25th National Conference on Liquid Crystal (NCLC-2018), held on Dec 19-21, 2018. NCLC-2018 was organized by Centre of Materials Science, University of Allahabad, in association with National Academy of Sciences India (NASI). The NCLC is held annually under the auspices of Indian Liquid Crystals Society (ILCS) in different parts of the Country. The conference provided a platform to discuss recent advancements of LC technology and emerging interdisciplinary areas of Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology and Biological systems.