Dr Nitin Saluja wins IIGP 2.0 contest.

Chitkara University through its incubated company GFF innovations wins the IIGP 2.0 – the open innovation challenge by DST. This is the second time in a row that innovators from CURIN – Dr Nitin Saluja with Mr Varinder Singh from Deptt of Mechanical Engineering are winning this extremely competitive challenge. They won the prize money of INR 25lac. In IIGP 1.0 Dr Saluja’s E-Deweeder was in the top 30 innovations of the country. In a series of congratulation messages the jury said – MOKSH (A green machine that converts rice stubble to powder) will prove to be the lifeline for farmers. The team MOKSH worked relentlessly to make this machine on and off campus and finally turn their dreams into reality. Many more success stories are now being written at CURIN with immense support from the management for cultivating the culture of research and innovation.