CRIKC and Chitkara University is represented by CURIN researchers

CURIN researchers are participating in 17 Startups from UK-IND-CH that go through a rigorous mentoring on Day 2 at #Ingenuity 2018 @Nottingham University, China. All eyes are on the finals of the day 3, that happens Monday, 10th December 2018 @ the DH Auditorium, Nottingham University with over 400 guests, a 5 member Jury, investors from China, Government officials from China, Industry mentors from India, China and the UK. CURIN BRAVO BOYZ!!!!! Indian farm engineering startup Moksh wins (score 75.96%) the 1st top spot (20 lakh INR) in nail biting global innovation challenge at nottingham university Ningbo China, they beat 16 global teams, their winning USP has been global importance of their innovation for simplifying life of farmers post harvest and yet help earn more from the crop waste. The prize money won is : total 10 top teams including get the an Exclusive international pass for having swift business establishments with local govt support in other countries at Ingenuity. This is a milestone for Chitkara University’s #Startups to blow a trumpet and have a gracious entry in the International market of aspiring Unicorns. Most international project: Chitkaras DAT in braille education and social space ( 10000 UK pounds) by HGI foundation UK). Between the 3rd spot is with us tooooo: (score 74.68%) 10 lakhs Inr its Docs and Blocks from Panchkula in block chain and securing documents digitally segment. Chitkara University and CRIKC are Champions here at Ningbo, China as they get laurels for our city beautiful Chandigarh! Brief by: Sumeer Walia- Representing mentor for CRIKC’s Indian delegation at Ningbo. Monday, Dec 10th, 2018