Chitkara University launches Energy Conservation Club (ECC by CURIN) for promoting volunteer participation from students and faculties

ECC Club

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I remember my childhood time when my mother used to point out that we need to close the lights when it is not in use. The modern world has forgot our responsibility towards the sustainability of the good environment. However, the professionals like Engineers, Architect, Hospitality Management, BBAs and MBAs can help in either the better management of the energy or can propose the technology to conserve the energy.

If you also feel the same, we are asking a volunteer participation from you. You will become the part of the community targeting the goal to conserve the energy. Our CORE activities include

  1. Projects on Renewable Energy
  2. Awareness, Training and Capacity Building
  3. Prototyping/Piloting of Energy Efficient Technologies
  4. Piloting the Ideas to Better Manage the Energy Conservation Technologies
  5. Green Buildings and HVAC Systems