Chitkara University Empowers Teachers with Innovative Origami-Based Math Teaching Program

Chitkara University, Punjab, conducted the 2nd Skill Development Program under the DST Project “Awareness and Training Program for Teachers on Teaching Mathematics through Origami” from 17th August to 19th August 2023. The project is catalyzed by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, New Delhi. The FDP was inaugurated by Sh. V.S.S. Sastry (India’s renowned origamist, Maths, and Science Communicator), Dr. S. N. Panda (Executive Director – Research), Dr. Kalpna Guleria (Principal Investigator Project), Dr. Ashutosh Mishra (Dean CSMC), Dr. Gurjinder Singh (OIC-CUCIF).

Dr. Kalpna Guleria presented the welcome note and mentioned that through this project, the main objective of NCSTC and DST is the skill enhancement of the teachers so that learning maths through origami models will be an enjoyable experience for the students, enhancing their conceptualization and analytical skills.

Sh. Ashwani Kumar Dutta, District Education Officer Mohali, was the Guest of Honour and appreciated the efforts made by Chitkara University, Punjab, to enhance the learning skills of teachers to benefit the academia.

Teachers were provided insightful sessions on the basics of Origami and its potential to simplify complex mathematical concepts. Participants were introduced to the history of Origami and its relevance in modern education. The sessions were designed to acquaint teachers with foundational Origami folds and shapes that could be used to represent geometric figures, fractions, and symmetry – essential elements of mathematics curricula. The teachers were engaged in hands-on workshops where they learned how to craft Origami models that visually elucidate mathematical principles. From constructing interactive polygons to showcasing the Pythagorean theorem using folded paper, participants gained valuable skills to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for their students. The program focused on imparting the art of teaching mathematics through the innovative technique of Origami.

During the valedictory function, Dr. S.N.Panda (Executive Director-Research), Dr. Nitin Saluja (Associate Director-Research), Dr. Kalpna Guleria (Principal Investigator Project) honoured the resource person Sh. V.S.S. Sastry ji and presented awards of appreciation to the winners of the mathematics origami model-making competition. More than 50+ teachers from the Mohali and Patiala district of Punjab participated in this 3-Day skill development program.


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