Chitkara University and RK University’s Research Sandpit Unveils the Future of Science and Healthcare

On January 22, 2024, Chitkara University, Punjab, and RK University, Gujarat, harmonized a brilliant symphony of intellect at the Research Sandpit, a nexus of collaborative exploration. The event saw the convergence of 15 participants from Chitkara University and 17 counterparts from RK University, delving deeply into the expansive realms of Applied Sciences, Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This collaboration paved the way for potential groundbreaking discoveries and innovative breakthroughs.

The palpable collaborative spirit transformed the sandpit into a melting pot of innovation, where minds intersected, and ideas sparked new dimensions of exploration. Each participant, bringing a unique perspective to the table, contributed to the collective brilliance of the scientific community.

We are delighted to announce the unequivocal success of this event! From dynamic and engaging discussions to active hands-on exploration, the Research Sandpit exemplified the true essence of collaborative research. Together, participants are actively shaping the future landscape of science and healthcare, unraveling possibilities one breakthrough at a time.

A heartfelt thank-you extends to all the participants, esteemed partners, and dedicated organizers who played pivotal roles in making this event a resounding success. The symphony of intellect orchestrated at the Research Sandpit promises exciting outcomes and discoveries, and we invite you to stay tuned for updates that will undoubtedly emerge from this collaborative endeavor.


Chitkara University
Archana Mantri

Amit Mittal
Rahul Pandey
Namita Sharma
RK University

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