Chitkara University and Mindanao State University Forge Research Collaboration in Successful Virtual Meeting

Thrilled to announce the successful virtual meeting held on January 23, 2024 between Chitkara University, India and Mindanao State University, Philippines, paving the way for groundbreaking research collaboration. This convergence has laid the foundation for a groundbreaking research collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries.

Navigating the challenges of the virtual landscape, our teams displayed remarkable synergy, seamlessly connecting to explore a myriad of opportunities. The discussions encompassed joint publications, the exchange of visiting faculties in hybrid mode, and the initiation of various collective research endeavors. This marks a testament to the resilience and adaptability of global collaboration, proving that distance is no obstacle to shared knowledge and innovation.

The collaboration between Chitkara University and Mindanao State University stands as a significant milestone, fostering international partnerships and propelling knowledge dissemination across borders. Together, we stand poised to drive innovation, contribute meaningfully to academia, and make a positive impact on society at large.

A heartfelt shoutout goes to all the dedicated individuals whose concerted efforts made this virtual meeting a triumph. Their commitment and enthusiasm underscore the potential for future collaborative initiatives. Anticipation builds as we look forward to the incredible discoveries and impactful outcomes that this collaborative endeavor is bound to unfold. Let’s continue to collaborate, innovate, and inspire, transcending distances for the betterment of global knowledge and progress.


Chitkara University
Archana Mantri

Amit Mittal
Rahul Pandey
Namita Sharma
Mindanao State University

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