Batch-1 of Artificial Intelligence workshop of Steam school 2018

Ms.Vaishali Research Scholar CURIN, conducted 2nd day of “Artificial Intelligence” workshop of Steam school. In which topic of discussion was “Machine learning”. All the students learnt about basics of machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, it’s various technique’s like regression, classification,clustering etc. Its various use cases in our daily life like spam detections, YouTube recommendation. In this file classification is done by students using anaconda.The session is primarily focussed to give basic insight of machine learning,anaconda and working of Jupyter notebooks. Ms. Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Assistant Professor – Research , CURIN, Chitkara Univesrsity, conducted 3rd day of “Artificial Intelligence” workshop of STEAM School. In this session students were taught about the topic “Neural Networks” and demonstrated them very well along with good examples. Moreover students also learned about Artificial Neural Network (ANN)and Biological Neural Network (BNN) as well as students were introduced with the latest Learning techniques and Building blocks of ANN. In this session, students were also explained about the future scope of Artificial Intelligence research topic and motivated them to take up this topic in future.