3-Days™ workshop on Hands-on training on designing of Tandem solar cell using SCAPS -1D

Register at https://paym.chitkara.edu.in/training-on-designing-of-Tandem-solar-cell/

Dr. Jaya Madan and Dr. Rahul Pandey from VLSI CoE, CURIN, Chitkara University Punjab, are organizing a workshop on hands-on training of TCAD designing of monolithic tandem solar cell using SCAPS-1D. The online workshop is scheduled from 11th January 2021 to 13th January 2021. This workshop will be based on the designing of the monolithic tandem solar cell (using filtered spectrum and current matching approach) using open-source SCAPS-1D software. The major objective is to develop the fundamental understanding of tandem solar cell and apply the same to design a tandem solar cell using SCAPS-1D. Register at https://paym.chitkara.edu.in/training-on-designing-of-Tandem-solar-cell/

You may contact rahul.pandey@chitkara.edu.in for further queries.