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Mitosis Detection In Cancer Histological Images

Ms. Chetna Kaushal Phd Scholar, CSE

 Chitkara University

Evaluating Text Comparison Mechanisms For Authorsh...

Ms. Shama ME Scholar, CSE

Cyber technology communication for women safety

Dr. Renuka Gupta, Dr. Kiran Mehta, Dr. K.S. Bath

Selling Brands Through Brains

Dr Jaiteg Singh

Autonomous Wall climbing and Painting Device

Dr K.R.Ramkumar

Mobile Theft Alarm System

Dr K.R. Ramkumar

Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by using...

Dr K.R. Ramkumar

Hardware Implementation of Network security with F...

Dr K.R. Ramkumar

Under-Water Pipe Distribution Network Monitoring T...

Dr Nitin Saluja

Drying of fruits and vegetables with industrial mi...

Dr Nitin Saluja

Data Analysis and Predictive Modelling

Dr Sheifali Gupta

Carvana Image Masking Challenge

Dr Sheifali Gupta

IMechE`s Formula Student 2018

Varinder Singh