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Aumsat Technologies supports cutting-edge research and development by providing stakeholders and users with regularly updated information and operational precision-driven analytics. Aumsat technologies creates opportunities for innovation in the development of new value-added applications and services. In this way, Aumsat thus represents a major contribution to the ongoing development of India’s scientific and industrial capabilities.

Aumsat-Water Conditioning Technology

About the Project

The traditional method for water conditioning & purification such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) result in significant water wastage and demineralization of water raising health concerns. In addition, the existing water conditioners are reliant on electricity, which is inaccessible to many Indian farmers and households. There was, thus, a strong need to find an affordable solution for water conditioning - at least for irrigation purposes – which can run without electricity. The goal was to conserve water, maintain essential minerals, and be a sustainable alternative to RO systems. Research Project – Aumsat Technologies aimed to create a non-electric, efficient water conditioning solution suitable for Indian agriculture. Under the project, the innovators developed a magneto-catalytic powered water conditioning device for agriculture. This IOT integrated device addressed the detrimental effects of hard water, such as compromised plant health, skin and hair problems for humans, and hard scaling in equipment, while facilitating real-time water quality monitoring. During the development phase, the developers faced challenges to accurately integrate IoT devices, creating a universally compatible device, and ensuring its effectiveness in different types of settings. In the initial phases of field trials conducted on sugarcane crops at ICAR (government laboratory in Jalna, Maharashtra, India) revealed that the water conditioner enhanced nutrient absorption from the soil and resulted in optimal crop growth and increased photosynthesis. Compared to regular water, conditioned water led to better growth parameters, like cane girth, leaf length, and weight. The test run also reported an increase of 10.489 tons/ha in the overall yield, leading to a higher Benefit-Cost ratio. A notable result was the increased brix (sucrose content), suggesting higher sugar production. The technology was soon scaled up and commercialised at the incubation centre of Chitkara University so that the economic benefits are transferred to farmers and they adopt a suitable and sustainable agricultural approach with improved yields. The research has spurred other projects and applications. Originally designed for irrigation, its use has expanded to Municipalities, Public Health Departments, Housing Societies and also Industries. Different conditioner sizes have been developed to meet diverse needs. An example of its broader application includes detecting 47 leaks in the Jaisamand to Udaipur transmission line, saving 13,000 Kilo Litres of water per month over six months. The technology promises vast potential in water conservation and management in the future in line with Sustainable Development Goal – 6 of United Nations.

"Pure waters symbolize our heritage. Their clarity mirrors our dedication. Each drop preserved today shapes a luminous future."

The introduction of the water conditioner significantly enhanced sugarcane growth by promoting better nutrient absorption from water without affecting soil balance. This led to healthier, taller, and more sugar-rich sugarcane, offering a more efficient and profitable method compared to traditional farming techniques. This advancement presents a promising direction for future sugarcane cultivation, potentially leading to greater yields and higher returns for farmers.

Impact Snapshot


Kilo Litres of Water Treated Per Month


Reduction in Disolved Salts


Increase in Yields


Reduction in Fertilizers


Increase in Biomass Content


The Aumsat AS-1 water conditioner had been a game-changer in farming. It allowed plants to absorb more nutrients from water, boosting sugarcane size and sugar content without harming the soil. This not only improved crop health but also increased farmer profits. Special appreciation goes to CIIF, Chitkara University, for their pivotal support in this research, setting the stage for advancements in sugarcane farming.


The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), in association with Samunnati presented the MANAGE-Samunnati Agri-Startup Awards to Aumsat Technologies LLP

Aumsat Technologies LLP received Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency(JAXA) Space Excellence awards 2022

Aumsat Technologies LLP was one of the Winners at United Nations WFP Innovation Challenge held at Munich.

Aumsat Technologies LLP was amongst the Top 24 Winners of Maharashtra Startup Week 2022.

Aumsat Technologies LLP won DST Startup Awards 2022.

Aumsat Technologies LLP was one of the Winners at GIZ Grand Challenge 2021.

Aumsat Technologies LLP won Smart City Awards 2022

Aumsat Technologies LLP won US Embassy Nexus Startup Awards

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