About Us

We are a small and young team of researchers working on different aspects of VLSI which happens to be one of the most exciting domains of applied Engineering. Designing electronic circuits for some state of the art applications like Neural amplifiers, simulating advanced solar cell structures for highest possible efficiencies, proposing designs of next generation of electronic devices like Tunnel FETs, studying 5G Technologies, designing Low Noise amplifiers for varied applications | This all excites the researchers at VLSI CoE.

We are Young but highly enthusiastic and dedicated to our tasks

We are a small team but our goals and objectives are very holistic and large.

VLSI CoE has full suite access to tools from Cadence and Silvaco. More than having access to tools, we do have the expertise to use these tools to solve any relevant research problem.

Visit different pages of this website to know more about our already accomplished achievements and what we want to do in near future.

If you do have passion that may match ours, we always do have a position for you. We shall figure out a way to involve you for a great research outcome.

What we do

The need to integrate the efforts of researchers working with different aspects of VLSI, microelectronics and photovoltaic has been the primary motivation for the creation of VLSI Center of Excellence at Chitkara University. The Centre aims at establishing a state-of-art facility for design of -

  • Different circuit blocks of a complete neural amplifier system like Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA), Pseudo resistor, analog filters and switched capacitors etc
  • Low noise amplifier for GPS applications broadcasting at 1.57 GHz and 2.4GHz for wireless communication applications Besides this, a group of researchers also focuses on -
  • Modeling and simulation of CMOS devices for high performance analog and RF applications
  • Photovoltaic device simulation for next-generation solar celldevice for cost-effective energy efficient applications

The research and education at VLSI CoE are closely associated with industry and several national & foreign academic institutions of repute.

With a strong inclination toward research in the area of semiconductor IC design and device simulation, Chitkara University has invested significantly by procuring a complete set of industry standard Cadence VLSI design tools with as many as 70 licenses in its kitty. VLSI CoE is dedicated to teaching UG & PG level courses and to carry out high-quality research. Some of the research work carried out in VLSI CoE has already been published and presented in prestigious international journals and conferences.

News Flash


  • Researchers at center have designed efficient lead-free all-perovskite tandem solar cell
    • 10.1% efficient, lead (Pb) free perovskite, Cs2AgBi0.75Sb0.25Br6 (1.8 eV) based cell is used for top cell.
    • 14.2% efficient, low content Pb based perovskite, FACsPb0.5Sn0.5I3 (1.2 eV) based cell is used for bottom cell.
    • Optimized tandem design showed a conversion efficiency of 17.3%.
  • Researchers have designed and simulated the pseudo-resistor with extremely high linearity for an improved neural signal recording. Same is going to be fabricated in the form of a full fledged Integrated Circuit chip very soon.