Dr. Sagar Juneja
Assistant Dean


Expert Areas : RF Circuits Design, IPR, Linear Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems Design

Sagar Juneja is an expert in electronics design with 11+ years of experience in the field of analog systems design, embedded systems design, RF circuit design and antenna design.  In addition to research and academics experience, Sagar has 6 years of industry experience in world leading electronics companies including Texas Instruments and RS Components.

At Chitkara University he is handling several government funded projects, he is an editor of a newsletter, and convenor of two international conferences. He has edited two books, both of them have been published by Springer

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  1. S. Juneja, R. Pratap, R. Sharma, “An improved endfire planar antenna for millimeter wave frequency applications”, Indian Conference on Antennas and Propagation. [Accepted for Publication]
  2. S. Juneja and Rajnish Sharma, “Design and analysis of antipodal Vivaldi antenna operating at 28 GHz frequency for 5G applications”, ECS Transactions Conference Proceedings. [Accepted for Publication]
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  14. S. Juneja, V. Ostwal, “Analog system design in universities using ASLKv2010 starter kit”, Texas Instruments India Educators’ Conference, 2013.

Books Edited

  1. R. Sharma, A. Mantri, S. Dua, and S. Juneja (Eds.), Computing Analysis and Networks, First International Conference, (ICAN-2017), Chandigarh, India October, 2017 (Proceedings), published by Springer, July 2018 (ISBN: 9811307547, 978-9-811-30754-6)
  2. R. Sharma, P. Hsiung, and S. Juneja (Eds.), Applications of Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Building Secure Networks, published by Springer in SNCS, 2021.


Field of Specialisation

  • RF Circuits Design, IPR, Linear Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems Design

Training programs conducted

  1. PCB Design using DesignSpark PCB Tool from RS Components, Chitkara University, 2014
  2. Analog System Design using ASLK Starter Kit, WECON 2015, Chitkara University, 2015
  3. Analog System Design using ASLK Pro and Analog Discovery, Texas Instruments, Bengaluru, 2017.
  4. IPR Workshops at Chitkara University, 2017-2019.

Completed Projects

  1. Design and Development of a Morse Pen, Writing Aid Tool for Visually Impaired (Grant: Texas Instruments)
  2. E-Scoop – A portable electronic weighing machine for grocery stores (Grant: Texas Instruments and DST)
  3. National level IPR workshop (Grant: Meity)
  4. Joint conduct of Indo-Taiwan Conference (National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
  5. ACM COMPUTE 2018
  6. ICTIEE 2019

Ongoing Projects

  1. NewGen IEDC by DST
  2. Technology Enabling Centre by DST
  3. ‘Science fest and fair on design, development and implementation of a sustainable program/model for the skill development of school children in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics’ by NCSTC, DST
  4. Bosch Industry Academia Collaboration Centre by Bosch India
S.No. Patent Title Date of Filing Application Number Status
1 A Weight Measuring Device 7/19/2018 201811027091 Granted
2 A Weight Measuring Device – Patent of Addition 8/9/2018 201811029917 Granted
3 Mobile Phone and Pen Stand 10/23/2020 334564 Granted
4 Smart Phone Mountable Selfie Clicking Device 5/22/2020 329506 Granted
5 Telegraphic Communication Instrument 2/22/2018 302846 Granted
6 Weight Measuring Scoop 7/27/2018 307983 Granted
7 Weight Measuring Scoop 8/7/2018 308571 Granted
8 Automatic Multi- Level Parking System with Vehicle Tracking from Different Locations in the Building 11/30/2015 3898/DEL/2015 Published
9 Casing to Facilitate Image Capturing 7/2/2020 202011028229 Published
10 Electro Magnetic Flow Meter 5/19/2021 343560 Published
11 Farmer Interactive Remotely Controlled Rice Crop Disease Detection System 10/21/2016 201613036100 Published
12 Mobile Stand 11/25/2020 335533 Published
13 Morse Pen as a Communication Tool For Blind 11/29/2016 201611040790 Published
14 Protective Face Shield 6/24/2020 330407 Published
15 Smart Braking System in Vehicles 12/12/2020 202011054149 Published
16 System and Method for Posture Monitoring and Alerting 9/24/2020 202011041506 Published
17 Tapered Slot Antenna 7/30/2021 347033 Published
18 User Controlled Automatic Timer Based Mosquito Repellent Device 6/29/2015 1937/DEL/2015 Published
19 Wearable System to Enable Disabled Person to Transmit Voice Message and Method of Use Thereof 4/17/2018 201811014507 Published
20 Mobile Phone Stand 8/17/2021 348027 Filed
21 Solar Powered Multipurpose Canopy 9/15/2021 349524 Filed
S. No. Course Stream University/School Year
1 PhD ECE Chitkara University 2023
2 M-Tech ECE Chitkara University 2018
3 B.-Tech. ECE PTU 2010
4 Senior Secondary Science USPC Jain Public School, Ludhiana, Punjab 2006
5 Matriculation USPC Jain Public School, Ludhiana, Punjab 2004



  1. Assistant Dean, CURIN


  1. Project Manager, University Marketing, Texas Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. (2010-14)
  2. Technical Marketing Manager, RS Components India (2014-15)