Dr Ramkumar K.R.
Associate Professor


Expert Areas : Cyber Security, Homomorphic Encryption, Network Security, Quantum Cryptography

Dr K.R.Ramkumar is PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India, having 15 years of Teaching and Research Experience. His areas of expertise are Network Security, Key Management and Relational Database Management Systems with advancements. He is currently working on the practical implementations of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). His research includes solving the routing issues, dealing with security and node failure apprehensions of wireless sensor networks. He has also investigated the influences of Signal Noise Ratios (SNR) in the field of Wireless networks and communications.

He is currently guiding seven PhD scholars in the different fields of Internet of Things, MANETs and Big data analytics. Much of his work has been on improving the understanding, design, and performance analysis of different routing and security algorithms of Wireless Sensor Networks. In the web arena, he is working with the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and resolving the data integrity and consistency issues on web communications. He also researches on Green, Free and Sustainable Energy. He is the reviewer of many reputed International journals, the list includes the IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, which is the benchmark for the research reputation. He spends his spare time to augment the new ayurvedic products that give permanent solutions to chronic health problems. His hobbies are learning and understanding the Indian traditional values on the scientific notes and numerology.

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List of Publications

  1. Amrik Singh, K. R. Ramkumar, 2019, “Evaluation of SVM Kernels for Health Risks Assessment”,Helix The Scientific Explorer ,Vol.9.No.3,pp.
  2. Abdul Wahid Mir , Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, 2019 “Security gaps assessment of smart grid based SCADA systems”, Information and Computer Security, Vol. 27 No. 3, pp. 434-452 [ESCI , H-Index 41]
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List of Conference Papers

  1. Shabnam Choudhary, Vaishali Bhatia, K.R. Ramkumar,2020,” IoT based navigation system for visually impaired people”. Proceedings of IEEE 8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Reliability, Infocom Technologies, and Optimization, Amity University , India
  2. Vaishali Bhatia, Shabnam Choudhary, K.R. Ramkumar, “A Comparative study on various Intrusion Detection Techniques using Machine learning and Neural Network”, Proceedings of IEEE 8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Reliability, Infocom Technologies, and Optimization (ICRITO’2020)
  3. Ramkumar K.R., Mishita, 2020 ,”Multi signature authentication and Key Management system to ensure reliable paths for payload delivery”, Proceedings of ICAN 2020 , Chitkara University , India.
  4. Chetna, K.R.Ramkumar, Shaily Jain, 2019 ,” Survey on polynomial Interpolation methods and their usage for implementing key management schemes for MANETs”, Proceedings of First International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Computational Intelligence,  ICTSCI, March 29-30’
  5. Chetna, K.R.Ramkumar, Shaily Jain ,2019 , “Comparative Analysis of Polynomial Interpolation for implementing Key Management in MANETs”, Published in CUDC’19, Chitkara and accepted in  International journal of Cloud computing
  6. Neha Sharma, Ramkumar K.R. ,2019 ,”Security challenges for Water Distribution System Using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)” , Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Image Information Processing , November    15 – 17 , 2019
  7. I. Sharma , K. R. Ramkumar, 2019,”Analysis of MANET Payload Delivery Behaviour with Parallel Routingthrough MIMO,” 2019 4th International Conference on Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages (IoT-SIU), Ghaziabad, India, 2019, pp. 1-4.
  8. Shailja Agnihotri, Ramkumar K. R.,2019 , “An Enhanced Routing Algorithm for Internet of Things that Resolves Heterogeneity Issues” Proceedings of the 13th INDIACom; INDIACom-2019 , 6th International Conference on “Computing for Sustainable Global Development”, 13th- 15th March, 2019
  9. Ramkumar KR, Amanpreet kaur, 2017 ,’ A Novel Distributed Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Curve fitting -Least squares’, Proceedings of 4th International conference on Signal processing ,Computing and Control (ISPCC2k17), pp. 258 – 263.
  10. Ramkumar KR ,Karanjeet and Gaurav Goel, 2017, ‘A detailed analysis of data consistency concepts in data exchange formats (JSON & XML)’, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation (ICCCA),pp.72-77.
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  13. Ramkumar KR & Nisha N 2009 , ‘AR RAAM: A Reliable Routing Algorithm Using Ant Agents For MANETs” Proceedings Of The International Conference On Future Computer And Communication (FCC 2009) In Wuhan, China On 6-7 June 2009 Indexed By Springer And ISTP.

Field of Specialisation

Research in Mobile Adhoc Networks, MANET Security , placement training to campus recruited students, Video lectures, Curriculum design, Computer Language Training, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.

Training programs conducted

  • Conducted a 3 days National level Faculty Development Program on ” Unix Network Programming “at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering for the Teaching Faculties of various Engineering colleges.
  • Conducted a 5 days National Level workshop on “ Middleware Technologies” at Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering for the Teaching Community of various Engineering colleges.
  • Conducted a 3 days National Level workshop on “ XML and Web Services” at Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering for the Teaching Community of various Engineering colleges.
  • Trained Wipro Campus recruited students on Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures and Collections.
  • Trained HCL Campus recruited students in the topics of DBMS, Core Java.
  • Trained CTS Campus recruited students to different batches in the following topics Core Java, C++ and Data Structures.
  • Online program for IIT, Chicago bridge course students 3 Years Part time experience in the following areas Data Structures, C++ Programming, Core Java, Collections, Analysis of algorithms and design.
  • Trained TVS employees in Core Java C++ Programming.
  • Trained EPF employees in Database programming in C with Sybase.


  1. Network Security for the Final year of Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Ethical Hacking for the Second year of Computer Science and Engineering

Summer School 2016 & 2018

  1. Role :           Conniver

Responsibilities           :           Key Role to coordinate the overall functioning of

Summer Schools to motivate the faculty members to write research papers.

Workshops                  :           12

Period                          :           20th June  6 – 02nd  July 2016

24th June     – 02nd July 2018

Participants                 :           300-400

Place                            :           Chitkara University, Punjab

  1. Role :           Resource Person

Responsibilities           :           Delivered a Lecture on Number Theory &


Period                          :           June 29 – July 02,2016

Participants                 :           25

Place                            :           Chitkara University, Punjab

STEAM SCHOOL (Evening Activities 2018 & 2019)

  1. Role :   Conniver

Responsibilities                       :   Key Role to coordinate the overall functioning of

Evening classes conducted for the Hostel students

to enhance their skills on various domains

Period                                      :   Jan 15 – Apr 20, 2018

Participants                             :   300

Place                                        :   Chitkara University, Punjab

Ph.D Guidance

  1. Ms.Ishu Sharma completed her Ph.D titled “An Efficient Parallel Routing Algorithm for MANETs using Ant Colony Optimization” , on April 2019 under the supervision of Dr.Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran
  2. Ms. Shailija Agnihotri completed her Ph.D titled “ Routing algorithm that Resolves the Heterogeneity issues of IoT” on April 2019  under the supervision of Dr.Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

Research Funding    

  1. Title :           Artificial Intelligence for Earth

Funding Agency         :           Microsoft Corporation , Washington ,DC

Amount                       :           10.00 Lakhs

Duration                      :           One Year

Period                          :           Apr 2019 to Apr 2020

Status                          :           On going

The Artificial Intelligence for Earth is an Initiative taken by Microsoft Corporation and National Geographic Channel to solve major global environmental threats using Artificial Intelligence tools. Our project to predict the dangers created by Prospis Juliflora trees and solving solutions using A.I is selected with a grant to use Rs.10,00,00 worth grant of using Microsoft Azure services to implement A.I. algorithms.

Projects Completed

Title – A Secured hybrid parallel routing algorithm using ant agents for MANETs.
Funding Agency – DRDO, INDIA
Amount – 12.12 Lakhs
Duration – Three Years
Status – Completed

  • Selected in Top 5 at” Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry challenge” for the Idea “Proton Flow battery from Prosopis Juliflora” , 2017. Out of 680 received proposals from all over the world, top five finalists were selected and invited to come to the conference and present their proposals @ Berlin, Germany.
  • Received “Outstanding Teacher Award” at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering for the year of 2010-2011.
  • The college level award is given based on the student’s exit feedback and overall performance at Department and College Level at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai.


  1. A Biodegradable Sanitary Diaper Napkin with the Skin Care and Healing Properties |Reference No.: 201911021606
  2. Traffic mapping system and method
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled tea vending system| Ref. No. 201911021602
  4. Topical Herbal Composition For The Treatment Of Psoriasis And Other Skin Diseases And Method Thereof| Application No.: 201611033442
  5. Machine For Detection Of Fake Cheque In Banking Operation| Application No.: 201711040525
  6. Mobile Phone With A Mechanism to Lock Power Button for Preventing the Unauthorized Use | Application No.:201611022659, dt. 16/02/2018
  7. Electronic Assistive Device For Classroom Teaching” is filed | Application No.: 201611031193
  8. Advanced Autonomous Wall Painting Machine For High Rise Buildings| Application No.: 201711003499

PhD (Computer Science and Engineering )

M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)

BE (Computer Science and Engineering)


01 year, Software Engineer & Technical Trainer, Laxvel Systems


11 years, 2001 to 2011, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai

Research management:

4 Years (2011 – 2015), Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai

Research :

Dec 01 2015 onwards, Chitkara University