Pharmacy Practice Laboratory

The Chitkara College of Pharmacy is well equipped with laboratories and equipments to give the students hands on training in the field of Pharmacy Practice. The Pharmacy Practice lab is used regularly for Objective Structured Clinical Examination in teaching and assessment settings. Department of Pharmacy Practice is well collaborated with renowned hospitals of the area including Rajindra Hospital, GMC, Patiala and Neelam Hospital, Rajpura. Student training in the pharmacy practice lab and hospital prepare them as they approach real patients with skill, confidence and professionalism making them practice-ready from the very beginning of their professional career. The Lab is equipped with training facilities for;

  • Patient history interview
  • Physical assessment
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Dispensing and inventory management
  • Patient counseling, consultation and other pharmaceutical care measures

The Pharmacy Practice Lab is used by students to practice and master their drug compounding and preparation skills in various dosage forms, including the injectables before entering the workforce. The Laboratory consists of various equipments, use to practice for the study of various diseases and conditions.

S. No Equipments S. No Equipments
1. Colorimeter 12. Autoclave sterilizer
2. Microscope 13 Membrane filter
3. Permanent slides (skin, kidney, pancreas, smooth muscle, liver etc.,) 14. Sintered glass funnel with complete filtering assemble
4. Watch glass 15. Laminar air flow bench
5. Centrifuge 16. Vacuum pump
6. Biochemical reagents for analysis of normal and pathological constituents in urine and blood facilities 17. Oven
7. Hemocytometer 18. Surgical dressing
8. Haemoglobinometer 19 Incubator
9. Disintegration Apparatus 20. PH meter
10. Autoanalyser 21 Hardness tester
11. Dissolution Apparatus 22. Magnetic stirrer
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