Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory

Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory has been designed to establish a quality formulation development & testing facility for further dosage form design.

  • Magnetic stirrer (Remi)
  • Mechanical stirrer (Remi)
  • Rotary vaccum evaporator
  • Oven temperature controlled (Perfit)
  • Water bath (Perfit)
  • Heating mantle (Perfit)
  • Hot plate (Vardahan)
  • Ultrasonic probe sonicator
  • Electronic microscope
  • Projection microscope
  • Weighing balance (citizen, denver instrument)
Testing Facilities
  • Dissolution apparatus usp- ii (electrolab)
  • UV (systronic india)
  • Friability test apparatus
  • Permion apparatus
  • Disintegration test apparatus
The centre works on

Formulation development support for developing various oral, topical, transdermal formulations. Development of floating beads, fast dissolving tablets, transdermal films, sustained release formulations, nanoparticle formulations, development of nanosponges for topical delivery and Dispersion of poorly soluble drugs, etc. Modification of natural gums and their utilization in development of modified release characteristics. Physicochemical characterization is done via particle size, shape using microscopes, drug release using USP dissolution apparatus, Permion for (transdermal and topical gels).

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