According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a wireless charging device. Awireless charging device comprises a primary coil and a secondary coil, a generatoroperatively coupled with the primary coil and the secondary coil, the generator comprises astator, an armature, and a shaft, wherein the shaft is configured with the armature; a firstrotary disc fitted with the shaft, wherein a plurality of first magnets are disposed at an outerperiphery on the first rotary disc; plurality of second magnets are disposed on a second rotarydisc at predefined position, wherein the second rotary disc is oriented perpendicular to thefirst rotary disc such that the plurality of second magnets repels the plurality of first magnetsto enable rotatory movement of the first rotary disc, wherein rotation of the second discprovides rotatory movement of the first disc, and wherein rotation of the shaft enablesspinning of armature produces electromagnetic induction inside the stator to generate electriccharge; wherein the generator transmits electric charge to the primary coil such that theprimary coil produces magnetic flux enables the secondary coil to generate electric flux forwireless charging.


Virender Kadyan, Pranav Garg, Pranav Kumar, Jashanpreet Kaur

Patent File Number - 201911048935        Patent File Date - 28/11/2019