The inventor has developed a wind turbine driven generator for vehicle which uses maximum wind energy and converts it into electrical energy for running vehicles. Generator comprises of a covered box which is so designed that that internal partitions act as two nozzles each with wide front end and narrow rear end. Inside the box, four or more vertical axis turbines with vertical blades are so fitted that air which is compressed due to this nozzle like shape of the partitions causes turbine to rotate and thus electricity energy produced is used by the vehicle. Converging conical flaps to reduce the volume and increase the pressure of outgoing air and directional flaps at the rear end of the nozzle shaped partitions to direct outgoing air downwards towards the rear glass are used in order to maintain the aerodynamics of the air.


Prabhjot Singh

Patent File Number - 1962/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/06/2015