The present disclosure provides a wheelchair apparatus with patient commode pan comprises ahip rest fitted on the support frame structure, the lower end of the back rest is pivotally coupledto the hip rest to move between an inclined position, and a lowered position, in which the backrest is arranged parallel to hip rest. A linear actuator is configured with the back rest to move theback rest between the inclined position and the lowered position. The leg rest is pivotallycoupled to the second end of the hip rest to move between a first position, and a second position,in which the leg rest is arranged parallel to the hip rest. A commode pan is detachably coupled toa lower side of the hip rest, the leg rest is coupled to the back rest through a motion transfer suchthat movement of the back rest from the inclined position to the lowered position enablesmovement of the leg rest converts the wheelchair apparatus into a stretcher.


Surya Narayan Panda, Sachin Ahuja, Rajesh Kaushal, Naveen Kumar, Simranjeet Singh, Sumit Badotra, J L Raheja, Ks Bath

Patent File Number - 202011002855        Patent File Date - 22/01/2020