The present disclosure pertains to a wearable device 100 to detect one or more5 image acquisition device such as camera installed in hidden places, where thecamera captures images and shoot videos of a person without permission. Thedevice 100 can include at least one detector 104 configured to detect signalstransmitted by the one or more acquisition devices to a receiver, and notify aprocessing unit 106 regarding the detected signals. The processing unit 10610 determines a set of frequencies from the signals, and matches the set offrequencies with threshold frequencies stored in a dataset. The processing unit 106actuates an alert unit 108, when any of the set of frequencies found equal to thethreshold frequencies.


Deepali Gupta, Mani Madhukar, Ramneet, Mudita, Vishal, Sheifali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Kamali Singla Naresh Kumar

Patent File Number - 202111021495        Patent File Date - 12/05/2021