The present disclosure provides a wearable assistive device for navigation (100)5 of a visually impaired user. The wearable assistive device includes a clothing(102) adapted to be worn by the user, a light detection and ranging sensor (104),configured to detect position of an obstruction, an imaging sensor (106),configured to detect a set of features pertaining to the obstruction and an outputdevice (108) configured to transmit a set of audio signals to the user, the audio10 signals pertaining to a set of instructions guiding the user. The wearable assistivedevice (100) includes a processing unit (110), configured to receive the set ofrange signals and the set of imaging signals and enabled to transmit a set ofoutput signals to the output device (108). The wearable assistive device (100) isconfigured to be activated or deactivated by a set of input signals from a switch,15 enabled to be operated by the user. A power source is configured to provideelectric power to the wearable assistive device (100).


Shivani, Vishal Verma, Divanshu, Bhanu Sharma, Rahul Pandey, Jaya Madan, Deepika Sharma

Patent File Number - 202111024976        Patent File Date - 04/06/2021