A wearable assistance device for a deaf user is provided. The device facilitates to receivesounds in vicinity of the deaf user using a microphone and provides a classification of thereceived sounds using a voice recognition module. Upon the classification of at least one ofthe received sounds in a particular predefined classification category, the at least one of thereceived sound is determined as a warning sound. Further, a vibrator operatively coupled withthe wearable assistance device is activated to alert the deaf user to the warning sound. Thedevice captures the received sounds such that speech from a person talking to the deaf userand determined from the captured received sounds is translated into a text for the deaf user.This is done using a speech to text translator operatively coupled with the device.


Anchit Srivastava, Sheifali Gupta, Deepali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Vishal Verma, Kamali Gupta, Rakesh Goyal, Raman Gupta

Patent File Number - 202011032976        Patent File Date - 31/07/2020