The present disclosure discloses a water supply system with heat exchanger 100,5 said system 100 comprising a heat exchanging unit 110 that in turn, comprises acontainer 112 adapted to receive and contain water, and facilitate heat exchange ata first pre-defined rate and a plurality of extended members 114 configured acrosswalls of the container 112, such that heat is exchanged, at a second pre-definedrate, between the water and the plurality of extended members 114. The system10 100 comprises a pumping unit 120 coupled to the heat exchanging unit 110,wherein the pumping unit 120 enables pumping of the water from a first locationassociated with the container 112 to a second location outside the container 112.Power derived from solar energy can be utilized for operating the pumping unit120.


Rajesh Kumar, Rickwinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202011044364        Patent File Date - 12/10/2020