Water Purification System Based on Earthen Pot

The invention relates to a water purification system comprising of three chambers. The First purifying chamber at the top consists of a mixture of sand and rice husk ash. The second chamber is the chlorination chamber comprising of chlorine tablets and the third chamber which is also a storage chamber is made up of 70:30 mixture of clay and rice husk ash. For purification of water, it is first passed through the neutralization chamber that adjusts the acidity or basicity of water. After neutralization, microorganisms need to be removed from water, for that purpose chlorination is done. At last the water is passed and stored in the storage chamber where the water is further purified and stored. The product is cheaper, easy to make and can be processed easily under the supervision of inventors.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Viren Singh Pathania, Vivek Sharma, Ajay Singh

Patent File Number - 3516/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 29/10/2015