The present disclosure provides a water filtration apparatus. The disclosed apparatus can include: a filter housing configured with an inlet to receive water; a plurality of candles configured to filter said received water, wherein said plurality of candles absorb the received water such that contaminants in the received water are adsorbed by the plurality candles; a storage tank coupled with the filtration housing, wherein the storage tank is adapted to receive and store said filtered water; and a dispensing unit coupled with the storage tank, wherein said disinfectant unit adapted to destroy micro-organisms in said filtered water, wherein said water after treatment with the disinfectant unit is potable. The disclosed apparatus can be portable.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Himanshu Sharma, Arun Upmanyu, Pooja Mahajan

Patent File Number - 201711045864        Patent File Date - 20/12/2017