Vision Based Augmented Reality System for Student Attendance

The present invention discloses a smart and robust method and system for providing an interactive augmented reality based attendance system to a teacher. It is based on Image Processing for optical character recognition to identify the characters in the register marked as ‘X’ for absent or any numeric data for present. A portable electronic device, capable of capturing images of handwritten characters is used. Once the alphanumeric character is captured this information is updated on the central database of attendance of the college/school. The electronic device and central database are connected through the internet. The invention also enables the user of electronic device to visualize the updated information of audience in the form of overlaid virtual content on the real scene using Augmented Reality.


Archana Mantri, Deeptiprit Kaur

Patent File Number - 1954/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/06/2015