The present disclosure provides an umbrella 100 for protecting full body against5 weather elements. The umbrella 100 includes a frame 102 having a canopy 106covering a plurality of rib members 104, and a plurality of rollers 114 slidablycoupled with a set of sliding means 110, where the set of sliding means 110configured with the plurality of rib members 104. The plurality of rollers 114 mayinclude a plurality of protective members116 wrapped around the corresponding10 rollers 114, and may be extended to a predefined length upon actuation of one ormore actuators 122. The user may open any of the protective members 116 byactuating corresponding actuator 122, which protects the user from getting wet inrain, snow, and hails.


Mohit Kumar Kakkar, Tania Bose, Jasdev Bhatti, Ramneet

Patent File Number - 202111003646        Patent File Date - 27/01/2021