Traffic Monitoring System To Facilitate Passage of Emergency Vehicles

The present disclosure relates to the traffic monitoring system 100, which ensures rapid and safe flow of traffic when an emergency vehicle arrives at an intersection. The system 100 comprises microphones 102, cameras 106, and processing unit 104. The microphones 102 detect sirens of the emergency vehicles, and consequently the cameras 106 can be actuated. The cameras 106 capture real time images of the road, and the processing unit 104 analyzes the captured real time images to determine the presence of at least one emergency vehicle. Subsequently, the processing unit 104 can generate and transmit a set of control signals. The system 100 comprises beacons 108 configured to illuminate based on the received set of control signals, to prioritize the movement of the emergency vehicle.


Ashok Kumar, Monika Mangla, Subhash k Shinde, Vaishali mehta, Megha Bhushan

Patent File Number - 202011022305        Patent File Date - 28/05/2020