According to an embodiment of the present disclosure a traffic mapping system is disclosed.The system can optical sensors configured to capture one or more images of vehicular trafficon each road of a road intersection of the one or more road intersections; and control unitoperatively coupled to each of the one or more optical sensors, the control unit configured to:process the captured one or more images using binary image processing to generateprocessed one or more images; and estimate time period required for clearing out thevehicular traffic of the road of the road intersection based on any or a combination of thecomparison and the determined extent of vehicular traffic, wherein a traffic map, stored in asecond database, of the area of interest is updated based on the estimated time period in realtime for each of the roads of the road intersection, wherein based on the updated traffic mapof the area the control unit is configured to determine an average velocity a vehicle needs tomaintain to avoid traffic congestion while travelling from one position to another positionwithin the area of interest of the map.


Aryaveer Garg, Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

Patent File Number - 201911017834        Patent File Date - 03/05/2019