According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a toilet assembly. The assemblyincludes a commode, a footstep pivotally coupled to move between a folded position in whichthe footstep is folded along the commode, and a deployed position in which the footstep isoriented horizontally to support foot of a user sitting on the commode. A lifting mechanismarranged between the footstep and the commode to enable movement of the footstep in betweena first position and a second position, wherein the first position corresponds to a position inwhich the footstep is lifted to an upper end of the commode, and the second position correspondsto a position in which the footstep is lowered to a bottom end of the commode.


Deepali Gupta, Deepika Sharma, Sheifali Gupta, Kamali Singla, Rupesh Gupta, Nikhil Sharma

Patent File Number - 201911040113        Patent File Date - 03/10/2019