System, Vessel And Method for Cleaning Water Body

The present disclosure provides system 100, vessel 300 and method 200 for cleaning water body. The system 100 includes: vessel 106 placed in the water body; garbage collecting unit 108 includes conveyor belt with nets adapted to collect garbage from the water body, and the collected garbage include wet and dry garbage; garbage separating unit 110 configured to
separate dry garbage and wet garbage from the collected garbage; garbage storing unit 112 configured to store the separated dry and wet garbage in first and second containers respectively; garbage compressing unit 114 configured to compress the dry garbage; and water filtering unit 116. The water filtering unit 116 configured to: extract water from the separated wet garbage; and purify the extracted water by removing solid wastes and impurities from the extracted water.


Shalli Rani, Diksha Sharma, Somanshu Chaudhary, Shivani, Sakshi Sharma, Vatsala Anand, Himanshu Jindal

Patent File Number - 201911025978        Patent File Date - 28/06/2019