System To Control Opening And Closing of Door

The present disclosure provides a system to control opening and closing of a door. The proposed system comprises sensors, an imaging unit, a processing unit, and a control unit. The sensors sense objects within a pre-determined area from the door,
correspondingly the imaging unit captures images of the objects in the pre-determined area. The processing unit determines physical attributes and trajectory of movement associated with the objects, and correspondingly determines a minimum opening space of the door required to allow passage of the objects. The processing unit recognizes presence of a human subject
among the objects, and correspondingly the control unit facilitates movement of the door between an open position and a closed position, for providing the determined minimum opening space.


Ashok Kumar, Sachin Ahuja, Kalpna Guleria, Navjeet Kaur, Mir Salim

Patent File Number - 20191106139        Patent File Date - 12/02/2020